How to improve the service life of cold storage?

July 10 12:22 2024

Cold storage sealing parts maintenance, due to the assembly of cold storage is made of a number of pieces of insulation board spliced together, so there is a certain gap between the board and the board, the construction of these gaps will be sealed with a sealant, to prevent the entry of air and moisture, so in use should be regularly checked, some of the sealing failure of the parts of the timely repair.

Cold storage ground maintenance, general small assembly cold storage ground using insulation board as a base plate,! The use of cold storage should prevent the ground there is a lot of ice and water, should be cleaned up in a timely manner to prevent people from slipping! And clean up the icing, do not use hard objects to knock, to prevent damage to the surface of the board leads to not heat preservation.

Always keep the surface of the cold storage equipment clean and sanitary, to prevent rust, maintain a good cold storage environment can greatly improve the life of the cold storage. Be sure to clean the condenser often, because the cold storage condenser surface is too dirty easily lead to the depth of refrigeration does not meet the design requirements, which leads to a long boot time, which not only costs electricity but also affects the service life of the machine.

To strictly manage the cold storage door, goods in and out of the warehouse, to close the door at any time, the library door, if damaged to 1 timely maintenance, to keep open and flexible, close tightly, to prevent cold air outflow. Air curtains should be installed at each entrance to reduce the convection of hot and cold air. Cold storage equipment must work under the rated voltage and current range. Over or under rated voltage and current will lead to a rapid decline in the life of the equipment.

Mechanical temperature control cold storage, do not put the thermostat switch on the strong cold position (- generally adjusted in the 3 gear is good). Digital temperature-controlled freezers, do not set the temperature too low, generally appropriate on the good, so not only to save power, but also to reduce the load on the equipment.

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