“The Kitten That Could Not Meow” by Lolisa Marie Monroe Wins Esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award

July 10 11:03 2024
"The Kitten That Could Not Meow" by Lolisa Marie Monroe Wins Esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Lolisa Marie Monroe’s “The Kitten That Could Not Meow,” a children’s book celebrating acceptance and uniqueness, has received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award. The book highlights a collaboration that transcends borders and brings hope to young readers.

“The Kitten That Could Not Meow,” the heartwarming children’s book by award-winning author Lolisa Marie Monroe, has been honored with the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award. This delightful tale brought to life with illustrations by the talented Draw & Care team from Lviv, Ukraine, continues to captivate young readers worldwide with its timeless message of acceptance and resilience.

In “The Kitten That Could Not Meow,” Monroe weaves a tender story of an orange kitten born without a meow, who, despite this difference, finds her unique voice through the loving connection with a young girl named Grace. As the kitten navigates her world, she learns that her inability to meow does not diminish her worth but rather highlights her special charm. Literary Titan praises the book, stating, “This is an endearing children’s book that shows a love for children and animals,” and commending Monroe’s “captivating” storytelling and the “remarkably lifelike” illustrations that add depth to this moving narrative.

The book’s enchanting illustrations are the creation of the Draw & Care team from war-ravaged Ukraine. Lolisa Marie Monroe discovered this talented group while commissioning a personal illustration of her late corgi, Grace, through Etsy. Draw & Care provides stunning artwork and channels a portion of its profits towards rescuing and caring for pets displaced by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Monroe’s partnership with Draw & Care extends beyond “The Kitten That Could Not Meow.” Together, they have just completed her third book, further strengthening their artistic bond. The Draw & Care team’s beloved ‘mas-cat,’ Thea, who inspired the character Momma Kitty, is now expecting kittens, adding a touch of real-life charm to their collaborative efforts.

In a heartfelt gesture, Monroe and Draw & Care are translating her books into Ukrainian to distribute them for free to schools, hospitals, shelters, and churches across Ukraine. Monroe, who prays daily for Ukraine, sees this project as a testament to the unifying power of storytelling in the face of adversity.

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About the Book

Meet a little orange kitten who can’t seem to find her voice. Born among a lively litter, this quiet furball sets out on a journey to discover that being different is something to celebrate. When a kind-hearted girl named Grace comes into her life, they form a bond that proves that love speaks louder than words. With vibrant illustrations from a talented team in Ukraine, this heartwarming tale invites young readers to embrace their unique qualities and shows that true friendship knows no bounds. Perfect for bedtime snuggles and storytime giggles, this delightful book will have children and parents alike purring with delight!

About the Author

Lolisa Marie Monroe is an award-winning children’s author celebrated for her enchanting and inclusive storytelling. Known for her ability to blend warmth and empathy into timeless tales, Monroe’s works inspire young readers to embrace acceptance and celebrate differences. With a deep love for animals and a passion for children’s literature, she crafts stories that entertain and foster a sense of compassion and understanding.

Based in Melbourne, Florida, Monroe shares her life with her husband, Scott. When she’s not writing, she enjoys exploring her creativity behind the camera lens or in the kitchen, working on her upcoming cookbook. Monroe’s dream is to put many little books into little hands, ensuring every child can find joy, hope, and a sense of belonging in her stories.

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