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July 08 22:30 2024

So Clean Schaumburg is paving the way for professionals offering a truly deep cleaning service in and around the Schaumburg, Illinois area.​From house cleaning lake barrington to libertyville So Clean Schaumburg is the best residential cleaning service Schaumburg has to offer the McHenry and Lake County residents with its exceptional cleanings.Super reliable, respectful, and professional deep-spring cleaning service for your home. Nothing but the best.We literally specialize in the thoroughness we take on deep cleaning, a white glove type of service with a strong  emphasis on earning business, instead of asking for it!Sure, we are friendly and treat each client as if they were family, but that’s not why you should hire us! We are gaining popularity all over cook county due to the excellence in service we provide and you can find us online other places also!

Who’s behind So Clean Schaumburg?

What makes So Clean Schaumburg the best cleaning company around?

These are great questions, and the story goes like this..A residential house cleaning company actually started as an idea to get out of the military, until it was what was paying the bills immediately after Michael honorably separated from the military. Michael served in the United States Air Force leaving his job at Langley Air Force Base as a low observables aircraft structural maintenance journeyman behind to become his own boss. After creating So Clean Virginia Beach the company and idea vastly became a huge success and so he and his partner, Anel, decided to start growing in other areas. Syracuse, NY is his business and life partners hometown so naturally it seemed like the perfect place to make the next mark of success in!

House Cleaning Services​​


If you are looking to get on our schedule for an initial deep cleaning consisting of 4 to 6 hours but have your own priority list we can accommodate your al la carte cleaning requests too! After taking a look through our complete checklist please let us know if any area of concern you do not see listed or if you’re looking for buying our time to clean areas specific to that timeframe and we can work with you on that as well.

What’s the BEST Estimate for How Long a Typical Move Out Cleaning Should Take?

Well, because we are professional we have standards in place for that very reason and need at least 4 hours anywhere with at least 1000 sqft of living space. A typical home of say around 1500 sqft is a 5 out of 10 on the cleaning scale below, then you can expect a 5-7 hour turn around. If that same space was not that heavily soiled and maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10 then sometimes a 4 hour minimum is just enough time to go over our checklist ensuring all areas have been touched. Giving us the most accurate estimation of what the current conditions are will get you the most honest price quote on the phone so please be as honest as possible.

So Clean Schaumburg’s Cleaning Product Recommendations

So Clean Schaumburg uses all products on this page either on the job or at home for all of our house cleaning services! We have discovered that most of our clients prefer natural, chemical free cleaners, and we are constantly on the lookout for these types of products that must WORK, SMELL GOOD, and most of all be reasonably priced.

Pumice Stones are great for cleaning porcelain, tile, tubs, and toilet bowls with a hard water ring in them nothing else will get out without harming the toilet bowl itself.EasyOff fume free oven cleaner is another little cleaning hack you’ll want to make note of. You can pick this stuff up at the Dollar Store, it has no smell, and best of all IT WORKS!! Ok you still have to do some scrubbing but unlike many other cleaners that stink this is pleasant to work with.  Mr. Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist is another awesome cleaning product we love to use because it works great and smells so good! If you don’t have a spin mop yet then get one, this mop picks up more filth than we have ever seen in mops we have went through in the past.

So Clean Schaumburg is an Equal Opportunity Employer

So Clean Schaumburg may be hiring!

What a great place to work! We provide every employee with uniform, training, and supplies. We pay for all bonding and insurance though it is not required in the state of Illinois we do still take having it seriously. We will ask you agree to submit to a criminal background check if applying with our company. Never work a major holiday again, and a typical job is scheduled between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday with weekends being available for work opportunities also. We don’t pay solely by the hour, instead, we incentivize each job. While being invested in our employees to produce good work we want them to be invested in our company as well so it is mutually beneficial, this is hard work!We require all applicants to have their own reliable transportation and be 100% willing and able to travel to all co-assigned job sites, as well as any “on the job” cleaning experience. If you qualify and you love to clean also, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out an application.

*All applicants subject to full background check along with a drug screening. Starting pay is to be discussed but we would like to know what you are looking to be paid up front. In addition, there are incentive monthly bonus opportunities, client tips, and steady hours that are just some of the great things about working with So Clean Schaumburg. Everyone qualified gets a raise within 90 days! How cool is that, hard work definitely pays off working for So Clean Schaumburg!!

We are constantly building our business and looking for new clients so our team needs to grow also, but we will not hire just anyone. We always keep an eye out for the best employees to join our cleaning team. Every employee hired is guided through a 120-day provisional part-time period. During which time they receive on the job training as they start to build rapport with a list of regular clients that they will see weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis. As their experience and reliability grow, they will have the option of continuing growth by gaining additional clients ultimately reaching a filled schedule.

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