SVO Information Technologies Is Starting To Produce World’s First Real Active Smart Pen; the Magic Active Pen

July 08 17:51 2024
SVO Company presents Magic Active Pen for fast and secure data transfer especially between smartphones/tablets and electronic pens for shopping, sharing financial data and other transactions requiring security.

“Secure and Bidirectional Communication Capabilities: With heightened focus on data protection, this smart pen ensures interactions between devices remain private and secure.”

The inventor of the patented method used for Magic Active Pen working Osman said: “The Magic Pen was thought as a project providing all the innovative specialties while using electronic pens securely. Our team is very excited because of being ready to produce the Magic Active Pen. We are about to decide which company will be our partner during the production process. ”Unlike traditional styluses, the method provides bidirectional data communication between devices.Because the magic active pen has its own processor, storage and RAM it will be included in the mobile device class. In addition, since unique ID can be assigned to the Magic Pen coordinate of the pen will be determined exactly enabling multi pen usage with different tasks securely on the screen of the device ( tablet, PC, table computer, etc ). This will pave the way for the widespread use of many user-friendly applications.

Always online with E-Sim: 

The Magic Pen’s integration of E-Sim technology ensures users remain connected at all times, revolutionizing the smart pen industry. This constant connectivity means Magic Pen is always ready to sync with the desired devices, providing a seamless user experience that keeps pace with  digital lifestyle.

Users can:

–  Access and store data directly on the pen, ensuring their work is always at their fingertips.

–  Connect to various applications and services effortlessly, fostering an environment where creativity and productivity can thrive uninterrupted.

–  Seamless Wireless Connectivity: Leveraging advanced wireless technology, Magic Active Pen connects effortlessly with devices, enabling smooth and uninterrupted use without needing external devices.

Data Storage: Having the ability to store important files directly on the Magic Active Pen means no need for external devices or constant internet connection.

Charging the Way Forward: Wireless Power Transfer for Ultimate Convenience

With integration of fully wireless technology, Magic Active Pen is free of any sockets or card entry.

Because the circuit boards needed for the Magic Pen are simpler, less energy requirement provides longer use on a single charge. Furthermore, more ergonomical and smaller pens can be produced at lower costs while more features are used effectively.The Magic Pen is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, boasting impressive dustproof and waterproof capabilities. 

–  Wireless Charging: Eliminates the hassle of cables and adapters.

–  Dustproof/Waterproof: Ensures durability and longevity in various environments.

With this technology it will also be possible to create a menu for the Magic Active Pen on the screen of the target device. It will be sufficient touching the pen for a certain period of time to the capacitive screen of the device to open the menu. It is very practical to choose stored copy history, paste options and required personal information from this menu.


Magic Active Pen is not just a mobile device it’s a digital companion that redefines what’s possible. The Magic Active Pen stands out not just for its features but for its role in shaping the future of technology. Innovative input methods like this pen are crucial in driving forward interaction with digital interfaces. 

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