E.M. Thompson’s “Elliefant’s Graveyard” Redefines Cozy Crime with a Thrilling, Humorous Debut

July 08 17:30 2024
E.M. Thompson's "Elliefant's Graveyard" Redefines Cozy Crime with a Thrilling, Humorous Debut
E.M. Thompson’s “Elliefant’s Graveyard – The Curious Case of the Throatslit Man,” is a unique and witty blend of suspense, drama, humor and wordplay. Praised for its originality and wit, early reviews have hailed it as ‘a breath of fresh air,’ ‘funny, polished, clever, witty, eccentric, and original,’ and’ a truly enjoyable reading experience.’

The first novel in The Prendergast of The Yard Casebooks series, Elliefant’s Graveyard redefines the genre of Cozy Crime, owing more to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland than Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Now available in print, eBook, and audiobook formats, the audiobook is narrated by Audi Fiction Narrator of the Year 2024 award-winner Billie Fulford-Brown. Audiobook reviewers interested in one of a limited number of free Audible download tokens should contact the author directly on his email or via his website.

The novel’s plot revolves around rookie police officer Heather Prendergast, an ambitious young trainee Metropolitan  Police Officer. Convinced that the unexplained deaths of appliance repairshop owners, Ruby and Antonio Fantoni, on her London patch are murders, she embarks upon an unofficial investigation which takes her to an isolated mill town on the Huddshire Moors in Northern England. In the course of an accident strewn, amateurish and hamfisted investigation, she uncovers a web of corruption that threatens her career – and her life.

Unbeknownst to  Prendergast, the victims’ adult daughter, Ellie Fantoni, has also travelled to Huddshire to lay her parent’s ashes to rest, unknowingly entangling herself in the mystery surrounding their deaths and being targeted by a deranged serial killer..

“Elliefant’s Graveyard – The Curious Case of the Throatslit Man” has been honoured with the Literary Titan Gold Book Award in recognition of em thompson’s unique writing style and storytelling abilities. Literary Titan commends thompson’s ‘masterful crafting, exceptional blend of suspense, emotional depth and unexpected humor,’ and describes the novel as a ‘must-read for fans of crime novels that keep the reader entertained and guessing to the end.’

About the Book

In a drought-stricken mill town riddled with corruption, a determined and ambitious rookie police officer stumbles upon what she believes to be two murders disguised as accidents. Her relentless pursuit of the truth uncovers a sinister web of deceit that could end her career—and her life.

Simultaneously, the victim’s daughter returns to her ancestral hometown to lay her parent’s ashes to rest, only to find herself entangled in a dark mystery surrounding their untimely deaths.

As secrets unravel and dangers mount, will either of them uncover the truth before it’s too late?

About the Author

em thompson has a colourful background in the literary and music industries. After earning a degree in economics and modern history from Balliol College, Oxford, he embarked upon a successful career in the music industry, contributing to albums by numerous household names in various capacities. Over the past two decades, writing has been a passion, resulting in eight novels that showcase his versatile storytelling abilities.

Three years ago, thompson dedicated himself to refining his literary works, resulting in the publication of his acclaimed novel “Krill” in late 2023, which draws upon his fascination with historical and societal complexities, particularly authoritarian regimes.

Elliefant’s Graveyard is the first in a series of eccentric off-kilter crime novels charting the unofficial investigations of an ambitious upper-class trainee New Scotland Yard detective, who’s lofty ambitions  are sadly not matched by her abilities. The combination of wordplay, humour, a cast of zany characters and twisty-turny plots has received plaudits from a variety of reviewers. Without exception, all have used the word ‘unique’ to describe the novel. ‘Never read anything like it,’ is a typical response.

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