New York-based CEO AMIN makes headway as a leading Snapchat luxury lifestyle influencer of 2024

July 08 16:12 2024
AMIN has become a leading name on Snapchat’s luxury lifestyle scene, captivating followers with his blend of high-end living, automotive expertise, and opulent experiences.


New York-based CEO AMIN has made headway in the luxury lifestyle influencer landscape on Snapchat for 2024. Known for his captivating stories, AMIN’s content offers a blend of high-end living, opulent experiences, and a passion for all things automotive,

AMIN’s Snapchat stories are a mix of luxury living and inspirational messages designed to keep followers engaged and inspired. Each post offers a window into his world of sophistication and style, making his content engaging and aspirational.

This year, AMIN’s influence has extended beyond his personal brand to huge collaborations with prestigious brands across different industries. He offers a peek into incredible access and first looks at luxury vehicles, further cementing his reputation as a key player in the luxury scene.

“Collaborating with top-tier brands and showcasing high-performance cars allows me to bring my audience closer to the luxury experiences they aspire to,” said AMIN. “It’s about creating a story that blends authenticity with the dream of an elevated lifestyle.”

AMIN is the entrepreneurial force behind AMIN RENTAL, a premier car rental service that redefines the driving experience for clients in New York and beyond. AMIN RENTAL offers a curated selection of luxury vehicles, merging style and comfort in a way that sets a new standard in the car rental industry. The service is tailored for those who desire a blend of elegance and performance in their driving experience, making it a perfect extension of AMIN’s luxury brand.

According to AMIN, the company’s handpicked fleet ensures clients can find the perfect car to suit their unique preferences and occasions, whether for a weekend getaway, a special event, or to indulge in the luxury of a world-class automobile.

The AMIN RENTAL company offers a wide range of high-end luxury vehicles. Each one is carefully selected to provide both exceptional performance and luxurious comfort. The selection includes some of the most sought-after cars in the world, such as the Porsche 911 Turbo and Porsche Panamera Turbo. These cars are known for their high performance and exclusive feel, offering an unparalleled driving experience.

The collection also features the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Continental GT, and Bentley Bentayga. Each luxury car brings above-average to high-end security, comfort, and style.

“AMIN RENTAL is about delivering an experience that epitomizes luxury and comfort,” AMIN explained. “Every car in our fleet is selected to ensure that our clients enjoy the pinnacle of style and performance.”

AMIN RENTAL prioritizes customer convenience with its flexible cancellation policy, which allows for free cancellations, providing clients with peace of mind if their plans change. The company also offers extensive theft protection, ensuring clients can drive with confidence, knowing they are covered. Each luxury vehicle is also equipped with GPS technology, making navigation easy and stress-free.

The New York CEO’s Snapchat account has gained a massive following, largely due to its showcase of the most exclusive and exotic supercars and the elevated experiences it provides. His ability to present high-end living in a relatable and engaging manner has established him as a leading figure among luxury influencers.

AMIN’s rise to prominence on Snapchat fuels his personal brand further and offers a broader trend in the digital landscape, where influencers play a vital role in shaping consumer perceptions and behaviors.

“It’s really just all about passion, authenticity, and being hands-on,” shares AMIN, whose success reflects an understanding of social media dynamics and a commitment to producing content that resonates on a deep level with his audience.

AMIN’s journey inspires aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs, showcasing the power of authentic content and passion. To check out and follow AMIN, please visit

About AMIN:

AMIN is a leading luxury lifestyle influencer on Snapchat, known for his aspirational content that seamlessly blends travel, car expertise, and high-end living. He is also the owner of AMIN RENTAL, a premier car rental service offering a curated selection of luxury vehicles to clients in New York and beyond.

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