The Dual Life of a Banker and Artist: Unveiling The Creative Side

July 08 12:51 2024
In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, where numbers and spreadsheets dominate, there exists a hidden realm of creativity and imagination. Meet Wajih Sobh, a banker by day and an artist by night, who has mastered the art of balancing two contrasting worlds. This is the story of a person who defies societal norms and embraces the beauty of pursuing passions beyond the confines of a single career.

By day, bankers like Wajih immerse themselves in the fast-paced world of finance. Sitting behind a desk, they tackle intricate financial models, analyze market trends, and make critical decisions that shape the economy. The bank becomes their playground, where they excel in managing portfolios and nurturing client relationships. With sharp business acumen and a mind for numbers, Wajih thrives in this demanding environment.

As the sun sets, a transformation takes place. Wajih bids farewell to the corporate world and dives headfirst into a world fueled by colors, emotions, and boundless creativity. In his cozy studio, brushes dance across canvases, and the aroma of freshly mixed paints fills the air. This is where Wajih finds solace, where his imagination runs wild, and his true essence comes alive.

Wajih’s journey as an artist began as a mere hobby during COVID as a way to unwind after long days at the bank. But as he delved deeper into his creative pursuits, he discovered a passion that could not be contained. What started as a simple escape from the demands of the corporate world soon became an integral part of his identity. The act of creating art became a form of self-expression, a way to convey thoughts and emotions that words failed to capture.

Balancing two seemingly opposite worlds is no easy task. Managing the demands of a banking career, with its long hours and high-stakes decisions, requires immense dedication and discipline. Yet, Wajih has found a way to seamlessly integrate his two passions. He learned to embrace the structured nature of a banking career, channeling his analytical skills into his own artistic process. The precision and attention to detail honed in the corporate world now form the foundation of his artistic creations.

In August of 2023 during a visit to his native country Lebanon, Wajih was going through a collection of his retired father’s art Nabil Sobh. Nabil has been creating art as a hobby throughout his lifetime but never had an opportunity to showcase any of his work . For that reason, Wajih decided to bring back a vast collection of his father’s watercolor pieces and host a show to showcase both his and his father’s work.

To bring his father’s art to the attention of art collectors and curators in the U.S., Wajih began networking and reaching out to professionals in the art industry looking for a space to host an art show. In November, 2023 he hosted the first of a series of shows at the SF Oasis, a popular LGBTQ+ Night Club. The exhibition was a resounding success, drawing art enthusiasts from all corners of the Bay Area. Many were captivated by the vivid colors and the unique blend of traditional Lebanese motifs with contemporary art styles.

The story of Wajih and his Lebanese artist father showcases the power of love, determination, and the transformative nature of art. Through his unwavering support and tireless efforts, Wajih continues to showcase his art and encourages other professionals from all industries to tap into their creativity and invite other artists to host more shows in an attempt to elevate and bring the iconic artsy scene back to San Francisco. These efforts helped in making his father’s dream of showcasing art in the United States become a reality. Their journey serves as an inspiration, reminding everyone of the importance of nurturing and supporting the dreams of loved ones. The next show is set to take place at SF Oasis on July 22, 2024 from 05:30-8:30pm.

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