Foreign Trade Director of Slkor Semiconductor, Mr. Qiu Huilin, attended the Thailand International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition 2024

July 05 14:16 2024

From June 19th to 22nd, 2024, the “Manufacturing Expo 2024” held in Bangkok, Thailand, emerged as a focal point for the global manufacturing industry, showcasing the latest advancements in manufacturing technologies, new materials, and automation equipment. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of SLKOR, stated: “We aim to strengthen connections with international enterprises and industry leaders, continually seeking new partners and business opportunities in the Southeast Asian market.”

Accordingly, Slkor’s international trade team participated in this prominent event. The “Manufacturing Expo 2024” attracted professionals and decision-makers from various industries. Slkor’s Foreign Trade Manager, Qiu Huilin, engaged deeply with them, sharing SlkorMicro’s latest semiconductor technologies and future development strategies. This engagement represents a significant initiative in Slkor’s interaction with the Southeast Asian market.


Qiu Huilin from Slkor Semiconductor attended the Thailand International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition

The Manufacturing Expo in Thailand, the largest and most specialized industrial machinery manufacturing exhibition in the ASEAN region, has consistently showcased the latest advancements in Asian mechanical manufacturing and equipment development. The exhibition integrates seven major cross-industry shows including electronics manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, factory automation, mold making, and rubber and plastics, covering an area of 60,000 square meters. With over 50,000 attendees and featuring 2,000+ brands from 30+ countries presenting cutting-edge technologies and services, the event attracts professional visitors from around the world and locally in Thailand. It serves as a platform for discussing the latest products, technological innovations, and industry trends in electronics manufacturing.


Qiu Huilin taking a commemorative photo with international clients

With the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese enterprises have been continuously expanding their investments and collaborations in the Southeast Asian market. Thailand, as a key node in this strategy, has attracted significant attention from Chinese businesses. Statistics indicate that in 2023 alone, China’s direct investment in Thailand totaled 159.387 billion Thai Baht, showcasing immense potential and opportunities for economic cooperation and technological exchange between the two sides.

SLKOR’s international footprint has extended to cover multiple critical markets. Southeast Asia, known as one of the most dynamically growing regions in the global economy, holds strategic significance for SLKOR. Thailand, integral to this region, has demonstrated remarkable growth in its semiconductor industry in recent years, making it an ideal venue for SACOMI to seek new partnerships. The “Manufacturing Expo 2024” serves as a valuable platform to fulfill this need.


Qiu Huilin posing for a group photo with colleagues from the foreign trade team

During the exhibition, Qiu Huilin, the manager of SLKOR’s foreign trade team, engaged in profound discussions and cooperative negotiations with numerous clients from around the world. The team showcased SLKOR’s product technologies and solutions, while also attentively listening to and documenting client feedback and market demands. They introduced SLKOR’s technologies and products to industry peers, receiving unanimous acclaim and exchanging contact information. Qiu Huilin, the foreign trade manager, remarked, “Our trip to Thailand has been incredibly fruitful. We not only gained insights into the semiconductor market demands and development trends in Thailand and its surrounding regions but also had the opportunity to interact with industry elites worldwide.”


SLKOR Semiconductor is globally recruiting distributors

In recent years, Slkor has rapidly expanded onto the international stage with its robust research and development capabilities and technological accumulation. Actively participating in international exhibitions, the company has become a significant driving force in enhancing brand influence and competitiveness.SLKOR Semiconductor continuously invests in new materials, advanced processes, efficient management, and expanding production scale, thereby consistently reducing product costs and enhancing production efficiency. These efforts have earned global customer favor and recognition. In company development planning and product innovation, Slkor Semiconductor benchmarks against major international brands such as Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, VISHAY, and ON Semiconductor, while focusing on introducing products with competitive cost-effectiveness and superior value. At the “Manufacturing Expo 2024,” the foreign trade team showcased new SLKOR product series to peers, garnering attention from numerous international clients and experts.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm and SLKOR

The “Manufacturing Expo 2024” was a highly significant event for SLKOR, with the foreign trade team achieving substantial gains. They were not merely attendees but active participants and learners. Through interactions and collaborations with global clients, Manager Qiu and members of the foreign trade team not only expanded the company’s market influence but also deepened their understanding of market demands and industry trends. Moreover, they successfully identified new partners and business opportunities for SLKOR in the Southeast Asian market.

Slkor benchmarks against leading enterprises such as Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, VISHAY, and ON Semiconductor in the United States. However, in terms of research, development, and production, Slkor aims to introduce products that are more cost-effective and competitive than the aforementioned international major brands.

Slkor Hall Switch Sensors replacements list:

Slkor SLSS41F replaces Honeywell SS41F

Slkor SLSS360 replaces Honeywell SS360

Slkor SLSS451A replaces Honeywell SS451A

Slkor SLSS39E replaces Honeywell SS39E

Slkor SL-302B replaces AKM Hall Sensor SS41F

Slkor SL-106C replaces AKM Hall Sensor HG-106C

Slkor SL-322B replaces AKM Hall Sensor HG-322B

Slkor MOSFET replacements list:

Slkor SL2301 replaces CJ LRC VISHAY CJ2301, LP2301LT1G, SI2301CDS

Slkor SL2302 replaces CJ LRC VISHAY CJ2302, LP2302LT1G, SI2302CDS

Slkor SL2309 replaces LRC LP2309LT1G VISHAY SI2309CDS

Slkor SL3409 replaces CJ LRC LP3409LT2G UMW3409, VISHAY AOS AO3409

Slkor 2N7002, 2N7002L replaces CJ LRC VISHAY ON Semiconductor 2N7002, 2N7002L..

Slkor‘s power management ICs offer replacements for TI, ON, ST, IR, MPS, Atmel, and AMS models, including:

SL4949 linear regulator in SOP-8 to replace ST’s L4949.

SL4275 linear regulator in TO-252 to replace IR’s TLE4275.

SL4275 and SL4284 linear regulators in TO-252 to replace IR’s TLE4275 and TLE4284.

SL54620RHLR linear regulator to replace TI’s TPS54620RHLR.

SL6908D linear regulator to replace MPS’s MP6908A.

SL2044 linear regulator to replace Atmel’s U2044.

AMS1117-3.3 linear regulator to replace AMS’s AMS1117-3.3.

AMS1117-1.8 linear regulator to replace AMS’s AMS1117-1.8.

Slkor diodes, transistors, ESD diodes, and TVS diodes can replace brands such as CJ Changdian, LRC Leshan Wireless, VISHAY, NXP, etc.

Slkor SMAJ5.0A diode can replace DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F.

Slkor SMAJ5.0A and SMAJ33CA diodes/transistors can replace DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F and SMAJ33CA.

Slkor SMAJ33CA can replace DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F.

Slkor SMAJ33CA and SMBJ5.0A can replace DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F and SMBJ5.0A-13-F.

Slkor SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603) TVS/ESD can replace NXP PESD3V3R1BSF.

Slkor SLESD03D6BU and SLESD0501BU TVS/ESD can replace NXP PESD3V3R1BSF and PESD5V0F1BL.

Slkor MMBZ5V6AL (SOT-23) TVS/ESD can replace ON Semiconductor’s MMBZ5V6AL.

Slkor MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V2AL TVS/ESD can replace ON Semiconductor’s MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V2AL.

Slkor MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V8AL (SOT-23) TVS/ESD can replace ON Semiconductor’s MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V8AL.

Slkor diodes, transistors, ESD and TVS diodes can replace brands such as CJ Changdian, LRC Leshan Wireless, VISHAY, NXP, ON Semiconductor, etc.

Slkor SMBJ5.0A diode can replace VISHAY SMBJ5.0A-E3.

Slkor SMBJ5.0A and SMAJ5.0A diodes can replace VISHAY SMBJ5.0A-E3, SMAJ5.0A-E3/61.

Slkor SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603) and SLPESD5V0U1BL TVS/ESD diodes/transistors can replace NXP PESD3V3R1BSF and PESD5V0U1BL.

Slkor SMBJ15A diode can replace VISHAY SMBJ15A-E3/52.

Slkor SMBJ15A and SMBJ36CA diodes can replace VISHAY SMBJ15A-E3/52, SMBJ36CA-E3/52.

Slkor MMBZ18VAL (SOT-23) diode can replace ON Semiconductor MMBZ18VAL.

Slkor MMBZ18VAL and MMBZ27VAL diodes can replace ON Semiconductor MMBZ18VAL and MMBZ27VAL.

Slkor’s driving IC, SL27511 (SOT-23), can replace TI’s UCC27511DBVR.

Slkor’s driving IC, SL27525 (SOP-8), can replace TI’s UCC27525D.

Slkor’s driving IC, SL8402 (SOT-223), can replace ON Semiconductor’s NCV8402.

Slkor’s driving IC, SSL27523 (SOP-8), can replace TI’s UCC27523.

Slkor’s LED driving IC, SL4139 (SOT-23), can replace ON Semiconductor’s CAT4139.

Slkor’s LED driving IC, SL401 (SOT-23), can replace IR’s BCR401.

Slkor’s power electronic switch, SL3405G, can replace IR’s BTS3405G.

Slkor’s clock chip, SL8025T (SOP-14), can replace Epson’s RX-8025T.

Slkor’s clock chip, SL8563T (SOP-8), can replace NXP’s PCF8563.

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