How to make perfect playing card/poker card

July 05 13:02 2024

Wentong Machinery is the leading supplier of high-end playing card, board game card solutions, we offer automatic and high-efficiency machines for your needs.

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Sensor positioning in a card cutting machine typically involves the use of physical sensors, such as limit switches or photoelectric sensors, to detect the position of the card and ensure accurate cutting. Vision system positioning, on the other hand, involves the use of cameras and image processing software to visually detect the position of the card and guide the cutting process.

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Our intelligent card cutter machine integrates image recognition and precision positioning technologies, which can realize intelligent recognition of card colors and sizes, quickly locate the cutting position, and thus achieve fast and accurate card cutting operations. Compared with the traditional manual cutting method, the intelligent cutter improves the cutting accuracy by more than 30%, greatly reduces the workload, and significantly improves productivity.

In terms of cutting accuracy, through elaborate design and debugging, the product achieves high-precision cutting within 0.1mm. This is mainly attributed to the brand-new stable rail system and feeding design, which effectively reduces the generation of cutting deviations. Test results show that the size error of the new model in cutting cards can be controlled at one-thousandth of a millimeter level.

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At the same time, by adopting high-power low-noise motors and optimizing the transmission system, we have shortened the single-sheet cutting time of the new product by 30%, greatly improving production efficiency. Customers do not need to replace the blades frequently, and the number of continuous cuts has also increased, resulting in a significant increase in output per unit time.

Our card cutting machine has also been upgraded in terms of intelligence and humanization. The self-developed intelligent detection and feedback system can monitor the cutting process in real time to ensure accuracy. The humanized design of the operating interface and fault prompts reduce the difficulty of operation and make maintenance and repair more convenient.

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