Nate Shipman starts Alpha Company after 18 years in the Marines.

July 04 19:45 2024
Nathan Shipman Launches Alpha Academy: Transforming Lives through Leadership, Mindset, and Lifestyle Coaching

Nathan Shipman, a distinguished leadership, mindset, and lifestyle coach, is proud to announce the launch of Alpha Academy, a transformative coaching business dedicated to helping individuals reach their peak potential. 

Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Nathan Shipman experienced firsthand the challenges of growing up with limited resources and opportunities. With only 120 students in his entire high school, Nathan understood that the key to success lay in self-development and a strong mindset. Despite these humble beginnings, he forged a path to success through determination and a commitment to personal growth.

Nathan’s 18 years of service in the United States Marines provided him with invaluable lessons in leadership, resilience, and discipline. His experiences in the military taught him that a proper mindset is the cornerstone of success and that a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and regular exercise, is essential for peak mental and physical performance.

Alpha Academy, founded by Nathan Shipman, is a comprehensive coaching program designed for both men and women. The academy focuses on three core pillars: leadership, mindset, and lifestyle. Nathan’s mission is to share the knowledge and insights he has gained throughout his life to help others become the best versions of themselves. 

“Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I had to learn the importance of self-development and leadership on my own. If I could transform my life, anyone can. Alpha Academy is here to guide you on your journey to becoming your peak self,” said Nathan Shipman, Founder of Alpha Academy. “I am passionate about helping people understand what they don’t know and showing them how to achieve their goals.”

Alpha Academy offers personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and seminars tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Nathan’s holistic approach ensures that clients not only develop strong leadership skills but also cultivate a resilient mindset and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about Alpha Academy and to schedule a consultation, please visit or contact [email protected]

About Nathan Shipman

Nathan Shipman is a leadership, mindset, and lifestyle coach with 18 years of experience in the United States Marines. He grew up in a small town in Iowa and has dedicated his life to personal development and helping others achieve their full potential. Nathan founded Alpha Academy to share his knowledge and guide individuals on their journey to becoming their best selves.

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