Gamgee Unveils Revolutionary Wi-Fi Home Alarm System: Transforming Wi-Fi into a Smart Security Solution

July 03 18:30 2024
Gamgee Unveils Revolutionary Wi-Fi Home Alarm System: Transforming Wi-Fi into a Smart Security Solution
Introducing Gamgee’s Wi-Fi Home Alarm System: A smart, innovative security solution that transforms your Wi-Fi into a comprehensive home protection network.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Gamgee, a leader in digital technology and home automation, proudly unveils the Wi-Fi Home Alarm System. This state-of-the-art system leverages the widespread presence of Wi-Fi to deliver a unique and comprehensive home security solution. In a market primed for innovation, our system addresses the low adoption rates of traditional alarm systems in Europe and the U.S., where only 7% and 30-32% of homes, respectively, have alarms. By utilizing the Wi-Fi network created by routers and mesh extenders, our Wi-Fi Home Alarm System detects disturbances caused by movement, providing a much-needed advancement in home security.

Utilizing the Wi-Fi signals emitted by routers and mesh extenders, the Wi-Fi Home Alarm System captures disturbances caused by movement within the home. Unlike conventional security systems, Gamgee’s technology goes beyond basic motion detection by analyzing disruptions in Wi-Fi signals to create a ‘body print’ of individuals. This advanced feature allows the system to distinguish between humans, pets, and inanimate objects, and even recognizes individual humans based on their unique movement patterns.

“Our Wi-Fi Home Alarm System doesn’t just detect movement; it understands it,” said Paul Hendriks, CEO and Co-Founder of Gamgee. “By converting every router into a potential security device, we are significantly enhancing the safety and peace of mind for families everywhere.”

The system is activated and controlled via a user-friendly mobile app, allowing homeowners to arm their security system remotely. If an unrecognized person is detected, the system sends an immediate alert to the homeowner’s phone, ensuring prompt awareness of any potential security threats.

Key features of the Wi-Fi Home Alarm System include:

  • Intelligent Differentiation: Ability to identify different types of movements and persons.

  • Customizable Detection Zones: Users can map their homes in the app, setting up distinct detection zones within different rooms.

  • Enhanced Privacy: Data is processed and stored locally on routers, avoiding the need for cloud storage and ensuring user data remains private and secure.

  • Continuous Learning: Over time, the system’s AI learns and adapts, reducing false alarms and improving recognition accuracy.

In addition to these groundbreaking features, Gamgee has ensured that the system is compatible with a range of Wi-Fi setups, particularly emphasizing the use of mesh technology to ensure robust signal coverage throughout the home.

“We are also in the final stages of forming partnerships with top-tier router manufacturers to ensure that our system integrates seamlessly with the most reliable hardware on the market,” added Paul Hendriks.

The introduction of the Wi-Fi Home Alarm System represents a significant milestone for Gamgee, known for its commitment to enhancing user experience through technological innovation. This system is not just a new product but a new approach to home security, one that leverages existing technology in a novel and highly effective way.

To bring this groundbreaking product to market, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We invite you to join us in revolutionizing home security by supporting our campaign.

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