Discover the Divine Patterns in the Universe with Donna Russo’s book, “Threes, Threes, and More Threes!”

July 03 15:22 2024
Discover the Divine Patterns in the Universe with Donna Russo's book, "Threes, Threes, and More Threes!"

McKinney, Texas – Donna Russo, a devoted scholar and believer, is thrilled to share her groundbreaking work. Her book, “Threes, Threes, and More Threes!” delves into the profound observation that the universe can be divided into three fundamental elements: time, space, and matter, each further subdivided into three distinct categories, reflecting the divine mark of the Trinity. 

In her book, “Threes, Threes, and More Threes!”, Russo explores the intricate patterns of threes within both the Bible and the world around us. She explains how time is segmented into the past, present, and future; space into height, depth, and width; and matter into solid, liquid, and gas. This triadic structure, she argues, is a testament to the divine fingerprints of God on all creation. As she eloquently puts it, “God’s fingerprints are on everything; the universe in which we live bears the mark of the Trinity.” 

Drawing on her extensive study of the Bible and inspired by the radio program “Thru the Bible” (, Russo meticulously identifies numerous instances of threes in the Bible and extends her exploration to other aspects of life, both within and outside Christian contexts. She asserts that this is only a glimpse into the vast array of threes present in the world, inviting readers to discover and contemplate these divine patterns. 

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1953 and a resident of California since 1979, Donna Russo became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1996. Her daily readings of the Bible and the enlightening teachings from “Thru the Bible” have deepened her understanding and inspired her to share these insights through her writing. Now retired, Russo continues to pursue her passion for reading and learning, dedicating her time to uncovering and sharing the wonders of the divine in our everyday lives. 

“Threes, Threes, and More Threes!” is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersections of faith, science, and the natural world. It offers a unique perspective that bridges religious teachings with the observable universe, making it an invaluable addition to both personal and academic libraries. 

The book is available for purchase in all major online bookstores! 


About Donna Russo 

Donna Russo is a retired enthusiast of biblical studies and lifelong learner. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and residing in California since 1979, she became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1996. Inspired by the radio program “Thru the Bible,” she has dedicated her life to studying the Bible and exploring the divine patterns in the world around us. 

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