Entrepreneurship Unleashed: Practical Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom by Rev. Michael Appiah

July 03 15:14 2024
Entrepreneurship Unleashed: Practical Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom by Rev. Michael Appiah

LAKEVILLE, Minn. – “Entrepreneurship Made Easy” by Rev Dr. Michael Onwona Appiah is an essential book for aspiring entrepreneurs, building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills crucial for beginners. 

In his book, Dr Appiah revolutionized how entrepreneurs approach building and growing businesses by simplifying the complexities of entrepreneurship and providing practical guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. The book provides entrepreneurs with practical strategies that include effective marketing and sales techniques, developing a financing strategy, practical tips for conducting market research, identifying target customers, assessing the feasibility of business ideas, and establishing customer relationships, among others. 

Dr Appiah also confronts his readers to break free from societal expectations and pursue their dreams without apology, to adopt a positive attitude, and to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. It encourages readers to embrace their ambitions, overcome self-doubt, and create a roadmap for achieving their goals. He emphasizes the importance of aligning entrepreneurial endeavors with one’s spiritual beliefs, combining financial success with ethical and moral values.  

 In this energizing book, Dr Appiah writes with honesty, sharing the insights he’s gained over the years while amplifying his business lessons, and other creative as service to God and others. The book will help you learn how to incorporate biblical principles into your work.  

 He said: “The book emphasizes the importance of aligning entrepreneurial endeavors with one’s spiritual beliefs, offering a holistic approach that combines financial success with ethical and moral values. It provides easy-to-understand concepts and actionable advice for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, making it applicable to a wide audience. Additionally, it offers a distinct perspective on achieving business success while fulfilling a higher purpose.” 

The book offers strategies for engaging customers, providing exceptional customer service, and building a strong brand. If you find yourself procrastinating and being crippled by fear, this book is a must-read. 

“Entrepreneurship Made Easy: Kingdom Entrepreneurship Nexus” By Rev. Dr. Michael Appiah 

Kindle | $14.99 

Paperback | $24.99 

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers Amazon link: https://amzn.to/4eo1AGc 

About the Author 

Rev Dr Michael Onwona Appiah has strong Accounting and Finance background, with Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Globe University, Minnesota; master’s degree in public administration-Fiscal Management & Budgeting at Hamline University, Minnesota; master’s degree in business administration-Corporate Finance at Hamline University, Minnesota; and Doctorate in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship & Corporate Finance at St Mary’s University, Minnesota. Michael is an ordained Pastor at House of Glory Ministries, Minnesota. He has served on serval non-profit boards and is still serving with strong experience as grant manager, accountant, and financial controller. Michael is the CEO of 3mb Health Services, Health Helper’s Staffing and 3mb Management Consultants managing churches and other non-profit organizations, business consultant, Healthcare expert, and an entrepreneur. As Certified Tax professional, Michael file taxes, advice, tax auditing and represents both corporate and individuals.

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