HomeCare Bosses United® to Unveil CareGrowth AI™ at the Systemize to Scale With AI Workshop for Homecare Agencies

July 02 21:00 2024
HomeCare Bosses United® to Unveil CareGrowth AI™ at the Systemize to Scale With AI Workshop for Homecare Agencies
The five-day workshop, from August 4-8, 2024 at 8 PM EST, will officially launch CareGrowth AI™, the definitive solution to usher homecare agencies into the new era of the Intelligent Homecare Agency™

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – HomeCare Bosses United®, the premier support and education network for homecare agency owners, is excited to announce the launch of their revolutionary product, CareGrowth AI™, at their upcoming Systemize to Scale with AI Workshop. This five-day virtual event will be held from August 4-8, 2024, at 8 PM EST each day.

“We’re not bringing ‘just another static software’ to these agencies,” says Enock. “We are helping them become Intelligent Homecare Agencies™. It is a crucial demarcation, because if you’re not using AI in your operations, you will be left behind. We want to bring an often-forgotten industry, an underserved industry, into the future of business operations — right along with the tech companies and engineers — by merging humans with AI. This software will make these agencies — which do such important work — more efficient, more productive, and, ultimately, more profitable.”

Co-founders Enock and Sue E. Denis, a dynamic duo known for their innovative approach to homecare agency startup and growth, invite you to join a community of heart-centered homecare professionals ready to elevate their business operations to the next level. With nearly 13,000 members in their Facebook group, HomeCare Bosses United® has been instrumental in transforming the non-medical homecare industry.

“We are at the verge of the AI revolution, whether we want it or not,” Sue E. says. “AI is going to affect every single industry, one way or another. We believe there is a productive way of using it that will enable homecare workers to do so much more for their clients, saving agency owners precious time and money. CareGrowth AI™ is the path towards a very well-oiled machine.”

Homecare agency owners often ask Enock if AI will replace their businesses, to which Enock answers, “AI will not replace your homecare agency; but even worse, a homecare agency that is effectively using AI will replace your homecare agency. May you be the agency that is effectively using artificial intelligence.”

The Systemize to Scale with AI Workshop will cover a range of topics essential for modernizing homecare agency operations with artificial intelligence. Day one focuses on seven systems and automations to streamline operations. Day two dives into the future of client management, while day three explores marketing advancements with artificial intelligence. On day four, the workshop will highlight recruitment strategies for hiring the best caregivers and employees. The final day will address innovative methods for employee management.

The innovation of CareGrowth AI™ brings intelligence into the processes of daily homecare operation, allowing agencies to run with AI to save time, decrease human errors, and increase profits, empowering agency owners to focus on delivering high-quality care while scaling their business.

Customer testimonials of HomeCare Bosses United® highlight the effectiveness of everything the Denis duo has to offer. Quanesha Simmons, who rated it five stars on Google Reviews, praised the informative training sessions and extra helpful tips. Janet Clarke, also a five-star reviewer, expressed her excitement to use CareGrowth AI™, stating it is well-structured and organized.

The event is coming up fast, so in order for interested parties not to miss the chance to revolutionize their homecare agency’s operations, registration is available at https://CareGrowth AI.com for just $27. Ticket includes access to the live workshop and the huge HomeCare Bosses United® private Facebook community.

About HomeCare Bosses United®:

HomeCare Bosses United® helps you grow your homecare agency, impact the world, and live life on your terms. Co-founded by Enock and Sue E. Denis, the company offers courses, consulting, and live events for homecare agency owners at every stage of their journey. Their mission is to simplify the process of starting, growing, and scaling homecare agencies, providing the tools and support needed for success, including their revolutionary CareGrowth AI™ solution.

For more information, visit: https://CareGrowth AI.com and https://homecarebossesunited.com

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