Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell D. Knight Discusses Illinois Child Support Laws After 18 Years Old in New Article

July 02 14:16 2024
Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell D. Knight Discusses Illinois Child Support Laws After 18 Years Old in New Article

Chicago divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight (, of the Law Office of Russell D. Knight, has recently published an enlightening article that addresses the complexities of Illinois child support laws once a child reaches adulthood. The article titled “Illinois Child Support Laws After Age 18” describes the intricacies of financial responsibilities that parents may continue to bear even after their child turns 18 or graduates from high school.

In this comprehensive piece, Chicago divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight provides clarity on a topic that often causes confusion among parents navigating the post-divorce landscape. The article details when and how child support obligations may extend beyond the age of 18, addressing scenarios such as high school continuation and cases involving disabled children.

“The Illinois statute clearly states that child support is to continue until the child turns 18. However, if the child is still attending high school at 18, support extends until graduation or until the child turns 19, whichever comes first,” explains Chicago divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight. This statutory requirement ensures that child support aligns with the child’s educational journey, providing necessary support as they complete their high school education.

Furthermore, the article sheds light on situations where child support may extend beyond the typical age cutoffs. “Significant disabilities may necessitate continued support to assist with the child’s care beyond the conventional age limits,” Knight adds. This is particularly crucial for ensuring that children with disabilities receive the continuous support they need for their well-being.

Chicago divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight also discusses the legal stipulations surrounding the termination of child support. He emphasizes the importance of including a specific termination date in the child support order to avoid unnecessary legal complications. “Without a definitive termination date, child support may persist until a motion to modify the support is officially filed,” Knight notes, highlighting the procedural aspect of child support termination.

The article also touches on the financial obligations towards non-minor children, particularly in terms of educational expenses. Parents may be required to contribute to their children’s higher education costs, which can often exceed regular child support payments. Knight points out that these obligations reflect the continuing responsibility parents have in supporting their children’s educational and professional aspirations.

The release of this article comes at a time when many divorced parents are seeking clarity on their ongoing financial responsibilities as their children mature. By providing detailed insights into Illinois child support laws, Chicago divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight can assist parents in understanding their obligations and planning accordingly.

For those interested in further details or in navigating the complex aspects of child support in Illinois, the article serves as a valuable resource. It offers not only legal explanations but also practical advice on handling various scenarios that may arise as children reach adulthood.

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