China Meteorological Administration Unveils AI-Powered Weather Forecasting Demonstration Plan

July 02 16:09 2024

The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has announced a groundbreaking demonstration plan for artificial intelligence (AI) in weather forecasting, marking a significant leap towards harnessing advanced technology in meteorological services. The initiative, termed the “AI Weather Forecasting Demonstration Plan,” aims to standardize and promote the orderly development of large-scale meteorological models, address real-world forecasting challenges, and foster an innovative ecosystem for AI technology in weather prediction.

A Call to Action for Global Tech Innovators

The demonstration plan has been met with an overwhelming response from the global tech community, with AI model developers and teams actively registering to participate. This open call signifies CMA’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI solutions into its forecasting operations, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Real-time Forecasting with AI Models

Participants in the demonstration plan will utilize real-time data provided by the CMA to generate weather forecasts for a period of 0 to 15 days. The AI models will produce a comprehensive range of forecast products, including upper-air and surface meteorological elements, quantitative precipitation forecasts, typhoon tracks and intensity predictions, and forecasts for severe weather events.

A Structured Approach to Innovation

The plan is meticulously structured with a registration deadline set for July 5, 2024. Following this, a testing phase will span from July to October, during which the CMA will release AI model training datasets. Registered entities will train their models using domestic independent meteorological data products and deploy them at the National Meteorological Information Center for real-time operational testing. This phase will involve real-time data transmission, product display on the CMA website, and continuous improvement based on identified issues.

Expert Review and Collaboration

Post the deployment test, an official demonstration will commence in November 2024. The CMA will convene a panel of experts to evaluate the models’ pioneering capabilities and engage in in-depth collaborative research with leading AI model development teams, inviting them to explore business applications of their models.

A United Effort Across CMA Departments

The demonstration plan is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Forecasting and Networking Department of the CMA, with support from the Department of Science and Climate Change. It is implemented in conjunction with the National Meteorological Center, the National Meteorological Information Center, and the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences.

Join the Movement

Entities and individuals interested in this pioneering AI weather forecasting initiative are encouraged to register before the July 5 deadline by reaching out to [email protected]. This is an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the future of meteorological science and technology.

About the China Meteorological Administration

The China Meteorological Administration is the national authority dedicated to the advancement of meteorological services, committed to enhancing public welfare and supporting sustainable development through the application of innovative technologies.

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