Todd Borho Unveils “James Bong: Agent of Anarchy” – A Hilarious and Action-Packed Spy Adventure

July 02 01:34 2024
Todd Borho Unveils "James Bong: Agent of Anarchy" - A Hilarious and Action-Packed Spy Adventure
Todd Borho’s new book “James Bong: Agent of Anarchy” redefines the spy genre with a hilarious and action-packed adventure featuring a rebellious former MI6 operative and his eclectic team, blending humor and high-stakes missions.

Prepare to meet a new kind of hero as Todd Borho flips the spy genre on its head with his latest release, “James Bong: Agent of Anarchy.” This uproarious and thrilling novel marks the beginning of Borho’s highly anticipated Evolution Saga, promising readers an unforgettable adventure filled with humor, high-stakes action, and a touch of anarchy.

“James Bong: Agent of Anarchy” introduces readers to James Bong, a former MI6 operative who has traded his allegiance to the crown for a life of rebellion. This isn’t your typical spy story, it’s a refreshingly light-hearted escapade that will keep you on the edge of your seat while making you laugh out loud.

In a world where every villain has a ludicrously convoluted plan, there exists an agent unlike any other—James Bong. Once a slick MI6 operative, Bong now roams the globe with a mission to dismantle the very institutions he once served. When the hacker K informs him of a diabolical plot, Bong is thrust into a chaotic adventure featuring open-source supercars, iris-changing contacts, and villains who can’t seem to get anything right. From a high-speed chase in a 3D-printed vehicle to evading a cop who’s more donut than discipline, Bong navigates a world where the absurd is routine. “James Bong: Agent of Anarchy” skewers the spy genre with a cocktail of action and comedy, leaving readers laughing and questioning the absurdity of it all.

Literary Titan raves, “Todd Borho’s James Bong: Agent of Anarchy is a wild and hilarious ride that gleefully parodies the iconic James Bond series. Set in 2028, the novel follows James Bong, a former MI6 operative turned anarchist, as he navigates a world of absurdity, technology, and subversion. Joined by the quirky hacker K and the audacious blogger Miss Moneybit, Bong embarks on escapades that involve high-speed chases, liberating a controversial figure, and thwarting oppressive institutions, all while making snarky remarks and taking jabs at the state.”

“James Bong: Agent of Anarchy” is available now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Dive into this action-packed, satirical adventure that redefines the spy genre with a hearty dose of humor and irreverence.

Can’t wait to dive into a world of thrilling espionage and laugh-out-loud moments? Watch the book trailer now and get a sneak peek at the wild adventures that await. 

About the Book

In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, James Bong, a former MI6 operative turned rogue anarchist, becomes the last line of defense against a new breed of tyranny. Thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse after hacker K intercepts a chilling transmission, Bong races to free tech genius Ross Mulbricht from a high-security prison. From Nevada’s scorching deserts to Acapulco’s neon streets and Washington, DC’s sinister corridors, Bong must outwit bumbling CIA operative General Small and his former handler, Sir Hugo Trax. Armed with a 3D-printed supercar and futuristic gadgets, Bong battles corrupt agents and lethal traps in a bid to shatter the chains of oppression and ignite a revolution. As he faces an insidious conspiracy, Bong discovers the steep price of freedom and the deadly nature of personal vendettas.

About the Author

Todd Borho is an accomplished author renowned for his inventive storytelling and captivating narratives. With a background in teaching across various exotic locales worldwide, Borho brings a rich, global perspective to his work. He is the creative force behind *The Evolution Saga*, a compelling five-part sci-fi series, and has penned nearly a dozen other acclaimed titles. A true enthusiast of the genre, Borho’s passion for science fiction is matched only by his love for coffee and hot sauce. His unique blend of interests and experiences infuses his writing with wit, depth, and a touch of the unexpected. Borho continues to engage and entertain readers with his imaginative tales and distinctive voice.

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