After a Disastrous Spring for Many, the Wisdom and Uplifting Words of a Psychotherapist Can Bring Light

July 01 15:58 2024

LOS ANGELES, CA – After a difficult spring that brought more than 100 tornadoes to Texas, dumped 20 inches of snow in the northeast, and unleashed flash floods in New Orleans and severe thunderstorms in the Carolinas, people are ready to turn the page into summer. Will June bring warmth and happiness?


Dr. Pieter Noomen offered some words of wisdom that might bolster moods:

“One can weather the storm and hope it will pass. But never ever can subjective, gloomy feelings undo the objective fact that each person is ultimately a bundle of vibrant, eternal energy. Even losing one’s mind or awareness completely does not change the glorious status of being part of life. So, while mind and body can act out any way they want, one’s spirit core cannot be destroyed.”

Dr. Noomen died in 2019, but he left a treasure trove of inspirational writings on his website,, and they remain free for anyone to peruse at any time. A psychotherapist who worked in suicide prevention and hospice, Dr. Noomen also served as a senior minister for various Protestant churches, and he believed the secret to happiness could be found in spirituality. Much of the writings on his website are transcripts of conversations he said he had with “I AM,” the deity that others call God.

One section of the website offers a series of “Wisdoms of the Week,” and here are a few of those writings that were presented for the month of June:

  • “Soccer may not be your thing, but that all nations on our planet have an equal chance to qualify for the World Cup hints at what in the ‘Real Reality’ is normal and always: fairness, respect, joy, excellence, etc. In our own little personal world, we can set that tone. It won’t stop wars or bring glory, yet it is right, and it is wise!”
  • “Self-help books, groups or gurus offer mental, social or physical well-being. These weekly words don’t focus on this. They focus on our intentions, our choosing-ability. Which is why we are on earth in the first place. What we choose is not the issue. We won’t ever be judged anyway. But that we choose is the issue; that is fulfilling our mission here.”
  • “Asking ourselves before going to bed: ‘Have I been honest today?’, can be as healthy for our psyche as tooth-brushing is for our mouth. Any lie, half-truth, white lie, dishonesty, pollutes our soul and attacks our mental health. It’s tough to make it a routine question. Tougher still, to answer sincerely. Yet it clears our road to eternity.”
  • “Creating pockets of time in which we consciously can retreat into ourselves will be helpful. Moments of calmness, stillness, silence, mental and spiritual privacy are healing. Even a few minutes will do. It’s remarkable how many of us avoid this. If it is because of a fear to face our inner private world, we for sure need a double portion of those moments!”

Here is another sample of Dr. Noomen’s “Wisdoms of the Week,” available on his website,

“Disasters happen. The media report them. Even if we’re not directly affected, the pain involved can shake us badly, at least for a while. It always reminds us of our own vulnerability. So next to sending out mental messages of compassion and love to the victims, we can check inside ourselves our own resources for dealing with bad situations. Being consciously connected with (eternal) Life itself, is being as prepared as we possibly can get here on earth.”

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