HTVRONT to Celebrate 2024 National Pets Month in U.S.

July 01 19:30 2024
The leading innovative player pins the lovely pet moment with American families on crafts.

HTVRONT, the leading creative company in the DIY industry, held a meaningful online-to-offline craft event to celebrate 2024 National Pets Month at the Building Complex,150 Front Ave, West Haven, U.S. Through this event, HTVRONT encouraged people to value and immortalize memorable moments with loved ones, aligning with its core values of embracing life’s joy and expressing inner feelings through hands-on creations. 

National Pets Month is a special festival usually celebrated to honor the unique bond between pets and their owners. To join this celebration, HTVRONT collected photos of people with their beloved pets online so as to enable participants to make one-of-a-kind clothes or canvas bags with their exclusive images at the offline party. On-site, every crafter can enjoy the free creative service of transforming their characteristic photos into SVGs and crafts under the professional guidance of Helena Fernandez, the HTVRONT brand ambassador, and an experienced crafting master.     

HTVRONT empowered a streamlined and pleasant crafting experience with its flagship products – the HTVRONT Mini Heat Press, Auto Heat Press, and the LOKLiK CrafterTM from its sister brand. Through the crafting process, the LOKLiK CrafterTM, a beginner-friendly cutting machine powered by its connected graphic editing program, LOKLiK IdeaStudioTM, executed the precise image cuts with its ultra-quiet feature and superior performance, while the HTVRONT Mini Heat Press and Auto Heat Press yielded efficient and flawless heat transfer results out of fast and even heat.

Moreover, to elevate the party’s excitement, HTVRONT showcased its upcoming product—the HTVRONT Manual Heat Press—marking its first offline debut to the public. This better-valued machine, equipped with a flexible pressure regulator and independent control pad, offers easy temperature and time settings. It allows for professional heat transfer projects with less effort, delivering more uniform and faster heat than traditional machines.

“I am impressed by these DIY machines and materials’ strong functions and superior performance,” one participant praised. “They refresh my impression about DIY.” The event organizer, Helena Fernandez, also reflected: “I love all the innovative machines and materials from HTVRONT. They allow everyone to honor the special bond between pets and their owners through DIY. I am proud to join this event and witness the happiness it brings, turning precious memories with pets into meaningful creations.”

To continue this celebration, HTVRONT is expanding this online campaign to a larger scale, allowing more people to submit their memorable photos, not limited to pets, and enjoy exclusive photo-to-SVG creative services for free. This event is another step in HTVRONT’s mission to bring its brand values to life.

Herman, the CEO of HTVRONT, states the significance of this event: “We hope this event helps everyone realize that crafting is more than just enhancing your hands-on ability; it also deepens the bonds between pets and owners and promotes public awareness of pet care. We want people to understand that crafts are not just objects. By creating with your hands, these crafts can condense personal memories and emotions. In the future, HTVRONT will continuously innovate products to create user-oriented crafting experiences, encouraging people to embrace a better lifestyle through DIY.”

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