Amethyst Psychological Services: Empowering Women Through Tailored Therapy for Modern Challenges

July 01 19:24 2024
Dr. Jasmine H Winbush and her team have created a safe space for women from all walks of life.

More often than not, women choose to ‘power through’ their struggles, pushing themselves to their breaking point before they even consider asking for help. With a healthcare landscape that often overlooks the specific needs of diverse communities, Amethyst Psychological Services is shouting and standing loud and proud, urging all women to give therapy a try. By offering specialized mental health services for women, the practice is not just bridging existing gaps in healthcare but also fostering a supportive community.

“We recognize that women often face unique challenges and pressures,” said Dr. Jasmine H Winbush, a relational psychotherapist and founder of Amethyst Psychological Services. “At Amethyst, we offer a safe and understanding space for women to explore their experiences, develop healthy coping mechanisms and walk their journey towards self-awareness, insight, peace, clarity and fulfillment.”

Amethyst Psychological Services has specifically designed its services to address the unique challenges faced by women today, from work-life balance to relationship dynamics that may not fit traditional molds. The team of five qualified and experienced professionals is equipped to address the complexities faced by women of color, young women pursuing their careers, non-traditional couples, women who have experienced trauma, and others. The practice helps women effectively address anxieties, depression, trauma, life transitions, and identity concerns, among other issues.

“I am a relational psychotherapist, which means that I believe relationships with family, friends, coworkers, higher powers, our relationship with our self, etc. often play a role in our suffering and, yet also play a crucial role in our healing. We work together to help you understand why you’re suffering first and foremost, and then help you find ways to reduce your suffering and move towards healing,” said Dr. Jasmine.

Beyond offering specialized services, Amethyst Psychological Services excels in providing individualized plans that address the needs of each client. Dr. Jasmine and her team understand that women are not monoliths and, therefore, prioritize insight-oriented therapy. This way, they can get to the root cause of issues. Furthermore, Amethyst Psychological Services understands the power of shared experiences. The practice strives to foster a sense of community, allowing women to connect with others, lift each other in their journeys, and celebrate each other’s triumphs.

“Therapy is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. By addressing the specific needs of women from diverse groups and providing a supportive environment where individuals and couples can thrive, we are empowering women to thrive in all aspects of their lives,” she concluded.

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