Matrescence Optimization Expert, Loni Brown, Reveals the Five Biggest Mistakes Busy Moms Make

July 01 17:15 2024
Matrescence Optimization Expert, Loni Brown, Reveals the Five Biggest Mistakes Busy Moms Make

Loni Brown is a Matrescence Optimization Expert and helps modern, career-oriented moms reduce the overwhelm and burnout in motherhood with practical, but often overlooked solutions.
Matrescence Optimization Expert Loni Brown identifies five common mistakes busy moms make that lead to mental and physical clutter. She provides practical solutions to help mothers reclaim their well-being and create healthier, more organized lives and homes.

Every day, over 24 million mothers in the U.S. struggle to balance careers and family life, according to The myth of “having it all” often leaves working moms feeling like they’re doing something wrong. Unfortunately, there are few experts who can provide the practical and tactical solutions needed to help them learn the skills they need to manage professional demands while maintaining a healthy and organized home life.

As a successful entrepreneur and mother of three, Loni Brown is a Matrescence Optimization Expert and she understands this struggle first hand. Matrescence, or the process of becoming a mother, is a term first coined by Dana Raphael, Ph.D., in the mid-1970’s. Loni was a full-time executive running a business and felt the pressure of balancing her career, motherhood, and a home life that usually resulted in putting herself last and she knew there had to be a better way. “You’re this firecracker at work but think you have to wear the supermom cape and feel like you’re failing at home,” she says. “The guilt keeps you trapped in a cycle of feeling swamped and stressed, but it doesn’t have to be this way.” 

Determined to break the cycle, she started developing systems to create a healthy, organized home without sacrificing her professional goals and removing the extreme mom-guilt and stress. She founded Wholesome Nest, a company devoted to helping busy moms learn how to live happier, more fulfilled lives without the overwhelm. Loni has identified five of the biggest mistakes busy moms make and has practical solutions to help them not only create a healthier home life, but also thrive in motherhood.

Mistake #1: A Lack of Systems Leads to Mental Clutter. One of the most significant mistakes is moms don’t have systems in place at home and Loni emphasizes the importance of treating home management with the same efficiency they do at work. “Not having systems at home are a recipe for mental clutter. Implementing a home management system can transform your life,” she explains. “I created a Hub, an online command center, that consolidates everything from shopping lists to doctor information. All of the key people in my life like my husband, babysitter, and housekeeper, have access to this hub so we have one place where all the schedules, checklists, and contacts are stored.” This type of tool allows moms to communicate and delegate tasks effectively plus reduces the mental load of carrying everything in their heads.

Mistake #2: Tidying Up is a Band Aid, not a Cure, for Physical Clutter in the Home. While tidying up can provide a quick fix when guests are coming over, it doesn’t address the root cause of physical clutter and can lead to overwhelming messes over time. To truly tackle physical clutter, it’s crucial to establish a system for organizing the home. Loni suggests creating designated spots for everyday items and setting up routines to maintain order. This approach not only keeps the house organized, but also saves time and is sustainable in the long term.

Mistake #3: Not Having an Integration of Online and Offline Systems. To maintain a well-organized home, it’s essential to bridge the gap between online tools and physical spaces. Take the online hub offline by integrating systems in the home. For example, posting routines and checklists on paper in the laundry room or kitchen can ensure that everyone in the household knows their responsibilities and can contribute to maintaining order.

Mistake #4: Thinking They Have to Do It Alone. Many moms feel they have to do everything themselves, but Loni challenges this notion.  Since matrescence is not an easy transition for many women, she urges moms to enlist support and leverage some of their professional skills at home. “Whether a mom has a dynamic career or a demanding job, they often leave their professional skill set at the office,” she says. “You should set up systems at home just like you would at work and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to the kids, your husband, and other members of your household. You don’t need to be Wonder Woman.”

Mistake #5: Overlooking the Role of Family Members in Home Management. Involving children in home management tasks not only lightens the load but also teaches them valuable life skills. “Integrating age-appropriate family help can free up time for family activities and create bonding opportunities when you make cooking dinner a family affair that also teaches them their way around the kitchen,” Brown explains. Assigning simple chores to children and teens can make them feel involved and responsible, giving moms more time for themselves. 

Matrescence Optimization Expert, Loni Brown, is Matrescence Certified and the Founder of Wholesome Nest. She is on a mission to help modern, career-oriented moms reduce the overwhelm and burnout in motherhood with practical, but often overlooked solutions. Through her content, resources, programs, and services, Loni has helped thousands of moms detox, declutter, and design their homes and lives. Her secret sauce includes sharing her simple systems for managing a home with the same efficiency and ease she’s learned from running a business and teaching busy moms how to turn the chaos in their lives into calm.

She actively connects on social media, offering solutions that help working women thrive in modern motherhood. Her community, Thriving Mamas, provides support to working moms navigating the complexities of working life and family life, equipping them with tools to reclaim their identity and purpose, and fostering a balanced, fulfilling life as both professionals and mothers.

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