Actor/Entertainer Randall Franks releases “The American’s Creed” album on AirPlay Direct and Itunes

July 01 12:38 2024
Actor/Entertainer Randall Franks releases "The American’s Creed" album on AirPlay Direct and Itunes
“The American’s Creed” cover (Crimson Records: A Painting by Greg Jackson)
Former NBC and CBS star Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night,” charts album featuring new music from his Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree, patriotic sounds from his film by the same name, an Andy Griffith comedy tribute, and vintage Bill Monroe recordings featuring him as a Blue Grass Boy.

Randall Franks releases “The American’s Creed” album on AirPlay Direct and Itunes

Entertainer/actor Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night,” creates new music, comedy and some classics for his new album “The American’s Creed.”

Randall Franks (right) and Wesley Crider (center) rehearse music for “The American’s Creed” at Tim Witt Studios in LaFayette, Georgia. (Randall Franks Media)

From left, engineer Tim Witt sets a microphone for guitarist Wesley Crider as he and Randall Franks rehearse a new composition for “The American’s Creed.” (Randall Franks Media) 

“This is a unique collection of music – new and old which combines different musical approaches that I have never previously shared in an album,” Franks said. “I am so grateful that radio presenters from around the world are already sharing the music with their audiences.”

Radio can find the recordings available at

The album debuted to radio in April landing at #7 AirPlay Direct Global Americana Albums chart after rising to #3, and #40 on TOP 50 Global Albums chart after rising to #2.

The collection features three movements of instrumental music that he and multi-award winning guitarist Wesley Crider penned for the films “The American’s Creed” and “The Making of ‘The American’s Creed’.” These projects are currently screening in film festivals around the world.

Crider is a world-renowned finger-style guitarist who combines the styles of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and others on his Wallace guitar to create an innovative, yet original style, Franks said.

“I was excited that he agreed to join me in adding to the feel of these films,” he said. “He also made a cameo in the projects which are set during the American Revolution.”

Also taken from the films is Randall’s recitation of “The American’s Creed,” which accompanies “The Star Spangled Banner” and “The Pledge of Allegiance” as a statement of belief in the America experience originally penned by William Tyler Page and adopted by the U.S. Congress in 1918. Franks and Crider added original music.

All four recordings showed well in the AirPlay Direct Americana Singles chart placing in the top 20, with “The American’s Creed (Recitation)” reaching #5 and “The American’s Creed Movement 2” rising to #6.

Adding to the eclectic Appalachian sounds of the project in the spirit of Roy Acuff’s Smoky Mountain Boys, Randall features live performances by Randall’s Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree which is currently marking it 79th Anniversary since it was founded by Grand Ole Opry star Ramblin’ “Doc” Tommy Scott in 1945. Franks has fostered the show since 1990. Included in the album are classics “Boil Dem Cabbage Down,” “The Crawdad Song,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and his original gospel song “Must Be A Reason,” written with classic 1940s-50s country gospel star James Carson. Among the Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree, in addition to Randall’s vocals, fiddle and guitar playing, are Ryan Stinson on piano and vocals, Dawson Wright on banjo, Caleb Lewis on guitar, Todd Watkins on bass and vocals, and Colton Brown on percussion.

All four songs yielded top 20 slots on the AirPlay Direct Global Americana Singles chart with “Boil Dem Cabbage Down” outshining the others rising to #2 Americana and #4 on the Top 50 Singles charts. It finished April at #43 Americana.

The late Appalachian scholar Loyal Jones recognized Randall as a humorist with great authority in redneck humor alongside contemporary Jeff Foxworthy. Randall pays tribute to an actor/musician who inspired his youthful hopes and dreams with his TV performances on “The Andy Griffith Show.” Franks highlighted Griffith in his Encouragers book series in “Encouragers: Walking with the Masters.”

“I can safely say that if it were not for Andy, my thoughts, my comedic tastes, my hopes for what small town America should be would be much different,” Franks said. “Without his infusing his show with music, I would not have been as enthralled with bluegrass and Appalachian music.”

Franks shares his approach to Griffith’s “What It Was Was Football,” which rose to #16 on the AirPlay Direct Americana Singles Chart. He said he hopes in the performance he was able to tap into some of the same comedic genes passed down to both actors through their common Dutch ancestors.

Randall Franks (left) and music icon Bill Monroe in 1984. (Randall Franks Media) 

Randall Franks and his mentor Music Icon Bill Monroe in 1984.

For 18 years, he has shared his time and talents with the Share America Foundation, Inc.( which gives scholarships to youth continuing Appalachian music in the name of his late parents Pearl and Floyd Franks. In keeping with that purpose, he includes two previously unavailable live recordings from 1984. “Back Up and Push” and “The Road to Columbus” feature Franks fiddling with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys during his time touring with the Country, Bluegrass, Songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

“I am excited to share these historic bluegrass recordings for all to enjoy,” Franks said. “Bill Monroe was a vital part of my life and opened the doors for me internationally. I was honored to be one of his Blue Grass Boys.”

Monroe’s son James, along with Blue Grass Boys Wayne Lewis on guitar, Blake Williams on banjo and the late Tater Tate on bass generously donated the use of the recordings to the charity and each download assists in that purpose.

Both tunes took spots on both the Americana Singles and Top 50 Global Singles charts with “The Road to Columbus” finishing April at #44 Americana Singles Chart and #27 on the TOP 50 Singles and “Back Up and Push” rising to #25 on the Top 50 Singles chart and claiming #40 on the Americana Singles chart.

The album is only available on various download outlets including

Learn more about Randall Franks career at and about his the films that brought about this album at

Randall Franks and the Hollywood Hillbilly JamboreeRandall Franks and the Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree. From left are Caleb Lewis, Dawson Wright, Franks, Todd Watkins, Colton Brown, and Ryan Stinson. (Randall Franks Media) 

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