Overland Opens New Stores Across the Country

January 11 23:33 2022

After a decade of success in business, OverlandSA has finally opened up different locations. The company was started by two friends who had a dream to make high-quality products accessible and affordable for everyone–and they’ve certainly achieved that goal! 

They have unique locations throughout, clients are sure to find an Overland store near them or on a trip through fun and exciting cities. They give a warm welcome and a friendly, knowledgeable staff waiting to help choose just the perfect place for a shoppers needs


  • Wildebees 
  • Jeep 
  • Sterling 
  • Salomon
  • Kakiebos
  • Under Armour
  • Boerboel Overland 
  • The North Face
  • Fox 
  • RVCA 
  • Lee 
  • Wrangler 
  • Hi-Tec 
  • First Ascent 
  • CAT 
  • Merrell 
  • Redback 
  • Woodland
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Wolverine Wesbok 
  • Falke
  • Rocky Rogue 
  • Jockey 
  • Hedgehogs

The North Face has always been a company that caters to people who love the outdoors. They made their name by catering specifically towards those with high-quality gear for extreme conditions like skiing and climbing, but they expanded into other markets over time too. 

In 1997 there was one customer base: mountain climbers from New York City; however by 2000 rappers in rap duo outfits were wearing these same clothes while walking down city streets – proving just how much this apparel can be trusted across various audiences

Under Armour, Inc. is a company that manufactures footwear and sports apparel for athletes in different fields around the world to use on their respective sport or activity of interest – most prominently basketball but also football (American) soccer etc..

Wrangler has been a leader in the denim fashion industry for nearly 70 years. They produce some of today’s most fashionable styles, including jeans and other casual clothes to complete your look with an all-American touch!

Jockey is a company that has been around since 1934, when they invented the first men’s Y-Front brief. From there on 120 countries knew Jockeys as innovators and creators of underwear for all occasions – whether its everyday wear or sporting events!

Lee jeans are an American brand of denim, first produced in 1889. They were created by Salina natives for the masses that had not yet made it big on their own but wanted something with great quality and style to make them stand out from other people around them. 

The company still keeps its headquarters there- where manufacturing began back when this was all just plain work

They invite guests to explore their website, and hope that it provides an informative introduction of what the Overland company stands for. If there’s anything else they can do in order to help their clients make their decision on which product is best suited.

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