IDEAKOKO’s ICY Cool Series Launches in US

December 07 18:21 2021

As temperatures have been rising in recent years, the demand for cooling products has increased. In response, IDEAKOKO has launched in the United States with its ICY Cool Series cooling products that are frozen even at room temperature and are easy to use and store as water droplets do not form when using the cooling function.

Cooling products launched by IDEAKOKO, including the ICY Cool Neckband, ICY Cool Pet Neckband, and ICY Cool Mat, use materials developed by NASA that are frozen at room temperature with a freezing/melting point of 28°C, providing the great advantage that the products can be frozen without the need for a separate electronic device or cooling device. Using a product frozen at room temperature provides a coolness around 10°C lower than body temperature, which is mild and pleasant. It can be used as an ice-cold product as well by freezing it in a cold place such as a refrigerator or freezer. Because the material absorbs ambient heat, the colder the environment, the faster it freezes and the cooler the product. The cooling function lasts for about 2 hours when only in contact with the human body at room temperature below 28°C

Also, another big advantage is that there is no condensation. Because there is no condensation, no water droplets are formed on the surface when the product is functioning which means people can stop using it at any time, and store it anywhere such as pockets, handbags, or bags. Consumers who have experienced inconvenience due to wet towels or ice packs with conventional cooling products, which cause wet clothes or wet pet hair, will be delighted to welcome the ICY Cool Series developed by IDEAKOKO.

IDEAKOKO is a leader when it comes to taking small ideas and creating completely new products. The company also created a cooling vest that is convenient to use by attaching small pockets to the back of commonly known fluorescent vests. In this way, if a business needs a cooling function for its existing products, it is possible use IDEAKOKO’s technology to customize while maintaining brand identity.

IDEAKOKO constantly thinks about the environment. IDEAKOKO products are created to be used for a long time and come in recyclable packaging. It can be found on

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