Self Care and Stress Busting Techniques Shared at the Chillax Club by Hello Chillaxed Help Working Women Stay Happy

December 07 17:42 2021
Hello Chillaxed helps working women implement ideas and tested techniques for letting go of stress, being happy, and spending quality time with the family in the right spirit. The Revive You Program on offer has helped women regain control of their lives and succeed on all fronts.

According to announcements released by Hello Chillaxed and Tasha Wilson, the self-care and stress management techniques taught at this online wellness coaching center enable busy businesswomen to manage their careers, family, and life in a balanced manner.

The programs offered at Hello Chillaxed help participants manage stress and enjoy mental health. This focus on stress management is an apt solution for women searching for a solution that works better than junk food, binge shopping, and late nights. 

Diet and exercise help a lot but are not primarily focused on eliminating stress from one’s life. Hello Chillaxed guides people on making suitable lifestyle changes that lead to mental wellbeing. The process is more than just handing over a list of do’s and don’ts; it ensures change that stays and yields lasting results. Self-love and self-care taught by a trained and experienced coach are easy ways to let go of stress and negativity, and this is why Hello Chillaxed has been successful.

The World Health Organization has declared burnout as an actual medical diagnosis. Stress affects one’s health without any overt symptoms. Headaches, irritability, loss of concentration, and low productivity are the consequences of stress in one’s life. Stress can damage the immune system, sleep cycle, and the ability to stay positive. Hello Chillaxed fosters a positive ability and the right mindset to deal with stress, even chronic stress.

Hello Chillaxed has helped people overcome mental fatigue through the art of stress management. Clients learn how to re-energize their minds and bodies to be better prepared to face each day without ending up tired and irritable at the end of it. Without the proper knowledge to deal with stress, one can easily turn to destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors.

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Tasha Wilson of Hello Chillaxed said, “Overworking, overdrinking, overeating, overweight, snappy, frazzled, and fed up… this was my life.

I remember feeling so frustrated because I knew that my stress was running my life. Like you, I struggled with mood swings, insomnia, and memory issues. I had difficulty focusing at work, was snapping at my kids, and my creativity was nowhere to be found. I also struggled for years to lose weight. You name the diet; I tried it.

Hours in the gym, I was there, sweaty Betty! Fasting, cleansing, motivating myself to keep pushing, keep trying, keep going – and for what? The scale JUST wasn’t budging. If anything, I gained weight and frustration.

I was embarrassed at first. I mean, people lose weight all the time. And I was trying. So, why did I struggle so much? And why might you be experiencing the same struggle?  

I can remember feeling very alone, agitated, and not finding joy in anything around me. I can’t attribute my chronic stress to just one event. It seems like something happened every day to kick up the stress level. But I did some deep soul searching and lots of research to find ways to help myself.

 I am a Life and Mental Wellness Coach in Tasmania, Australia, helping women worldwide. I specialize in helping women get out of their way and craft their best trim, terrific, and take-charge life.”

About the Company:

Hello Chillaxed enables working women to move from drained and tired to energized and happy. It teaches techniques to de-stress and take difficult situations in one’s stride. The Chillax Club is free to join and is the doorway to learning easy self-care and self-love.

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