Lucero Cortes’ ‘Carnalita’ will be available on website on January, 5th, 2021

December 07 17:33 2021
Lucero Cortes has been a light for many at the end of the tunnel. Through her book she gives hope to those in their darkest moments.

California, USA – Sky’s the limit, they say. Little do they know that, for some individuals, it is just the beginning. Lucero Cortes is one such woman. Ever Since her birth, she has defined her own boundaries. By breaking all the glass ceilings, she knew she saw no sign of stopping and maneuvered her way out of every obstacle to be who she wanted to be. She is a poet, an author and a motivational speaker. An amalgamation of ambidextrous and multifaceted, Lucero Cortes, today, inspires the youth.

Lucero Cortes was raised in The Bay Area, she has accumulated diverse cultures, met people from all walks of life and experiences she utilizes to paint beautiful canvases with her words. She speaks of and gives a personal view on being a 1st generation immigrant, teen mom, survivor of physical abuse, domestic violence and gang violence. She has been a light for many at the end of the tunnel. She describes herself as a girl with big hopes, bigger dreams and a fluent translator of emotion.

Her recent published work “carnalita” is currently available on kindle and her website book publishing launch is taking place January 5th 2021. Her book titled “Carnalita” available via hardcover, book tour dates, spoken word performance updates and everything that entails the launching of the brand “FAMILIAffairs Incorporated.”

Lucero Cortes is not only a writer but through creativity, determination, music and more her goal is to inspire others to create the life of their dreams. She quotes: ‘I tell everyone who is struggling to not let others define their limits. I tell people to set their own limits, challenge their own self, their only competition is who they were yesterday. Consistency is the key to progress. I liked to play with words and made a successful career out of it. Don’t let anyone belittle your ambitions. Remember, we are a free soul.’

Lucero Cortes is also a well known motivational speaker. She aspires to motivate young individuals who are struggling to find the right direction. Individuals who aren’t able to exercise their full potential. She believes in transforming every individual’s mindset to make it more optimistic and creative. She mobilizes one’s ability to think positive. Even if it is as basic as a person stressing over an academic test, she is not going to call it petty, she will be your guideline to deal with it.

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