Forever By Jonathan E. Smith – Soulful Rnb Vibes & Intense Expression Overflow In This New EP Release

December 06 23:21 2021

Meet Jonathan E. Smith:

Based in Miyazaki, Japan, the singer, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer Jonathan E. Smith has recently released his newest EP, Forever. A powerful and impactful RnB EP about the cycle of a relationship, from happiness to heartbreak.

Jonathan, known to his friends as Jay, has been singing and performing since he was a small child, it has always been his passion, and at 18 years old, he began his official training to be a performing artist.

Jonathan considers his sound as melodic, nostalgic and powerful. He told us: “When I listen to my music, I feel thoughtful and reflective. I choose to write about real emotions like infatuation, heartbreak, nostalgia, and desire because they are what we feel being human. I want people to feel understood.”


Forever is a soulful RnB five-song EP that showcases musically mature soundscapes with emotionally raw sensitivity. The heartfelt expressions and intense emotions communicated throughout this EP keep the listener hanging off each track.

Forever delivers a beautifully crafted musical journey, where Jonathan relates the intimacy, magic and elegance of love and the pain of heartbreak.

Two songs that create a powerful impact are “Stars Align” and “Destiny”. “Stars Align” is an enticingly sensual song that causes listeners to swoon under Jonathan’s velvety smooth vocal tones, along with provocative lyrics such as: “every time your body touches mine, it’s something like a cataclysm, so sublime”.

“Destiny” is an intensely emotional song. Jonathan’s performance communicates profound heartbreak, confusion, and pain. The combination of the melancholy melody playing on the piano and the deep emotion expressed throughout Jonathan’s performance evoke an understanding, sympathy, and connection to his experience.

Forever is a story that will connect with many listeners, incorporating sensual and emotional soundscapes with astounding vocal performances. If you enjoy artists such as; Lizzo and Sam Smith, then Jonathan E. Smith will fit perfectly on your RnB playlist.

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