Zoe Rex Releases New Acoustic Jaunt “Made In Mind”

December 02 19:44 2021
Zoe Rex Releases New Acoustic Jaunt "Made In Mind"
Zoe Rex performing live
Following the underground success of her last EP titled “ISM”, music artist and survivor Zoe Rex just released a smooth-string-serenade of a single titled: “Made In Mind”

Zoe Rex just released a smooth and soulful new track called “Made In Mind”. The heartfelt piece consists of emotionally strummed guitar chords and beautiful lyrics that convey a sense of charming poetic pain. The new track by Zoe Rex is authentic and uniquely artistic. Zoe Rex grew up in Santa Clarita Valley, and made her musical debut there, playing backyard shows, and performing at shows thrown by show/party-throwing legend Kaleb Miner. 

Zoe Rex is currently working on new tracks every day, recording, and also producing tracks as well. While things are going well for the up-and-coming indie artist, Zoe’s life hasn’t been without trials and tribulation. In 2019, Rex was attending Saugus Highschool, it seemed to be another run-of-the-mill day at school… except it would pan out to be the exact opposite of that in every single way imaginable. The sounds of gunshots echoed throughout the hallways, and what would have been a quiet study-focused hour was transformed into a combination of frantic screams and ear-shattering pops. Zoe hid under her desk, luckily escaping the ordeal without any physical damage, very thankful to be alive. However, the mental impact of such an event not only traumatized her, but also everyone single person that was victimized by the sick and twisted individual.

Zoe Rex, while absolutely serious about her music, is also extremely passionate about raising awareness for gun violence victims and the impact of school shootings, having experienced firsthand the terrifying and horrific ordeal of one in real life. While many innocent souls and families were unfortunately impacted by the tragic event, the students have remained strong, honoring the brave souls who unfairly, yet heroically lost their lives. Instead of letting the tragedy ruin them, the students have stood strong alongside the community, to support the family and not allow their spirits to be permanently broken.

Zoe is currently putting all of her pain and talent into her music, while also figuring out and making arrangements to further support her community, as well as collaborate with local thought leaders to raise awareness for issues that she has faced, and doing anything she can to spread peace, love, and positive energy; good vibes.

Be sure to stream Zoe Rex on Spotify, or your favorite music platforms!

Check out “Made In Mind”, by Zoe Rex

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