Teaching Tennis To The Little Humans With The Help Of Baron And Monkey

November 26 08:03 2021
The book “Tennis for little humans” explains the fundamental rules of tennis and how to score the game with proper guidelines.

The game of tennis has always been considered one of the best sports as it improves the balance and flexibility of the player and is regarded as one of the best exercises to lose weight. Apart from adult athletes, encouraging children to play tennis can come up with great benefits. ‘Tennis for little humans’ can help children learn the important rules of tennis by teaching them with the help of Baron and Monkey.

Baron and Monkey are the main characters of the book written by an author, Venetia Thompson, illustrated by Devika Dalal and Steve Adams. The book was published on the 6th of September 2021 and consists of 56 pages. Venetia Thompson is an author who was born into a tennis-playing family. Her grandfather John Moyer Heathcote was a tennis champion due to which she was always passionate about this particular sport. The desire to pass on her love and passion for tennis to her children led her to become a tennis coach.

“Let a bear and a monkey introduce you to the essential strokes of tennis in a way no human could. They will impart their enthusiasm and knowledge to you and perhaps even spark a lifelong passion for tennis.” says the author of tennis for little humans. Her passion for tennis never ended and she became an LTA licensed coach and a PTR instructor. Later, by the end of 2019, she retired.

The book is entirely about the techniques and tactics on how to score the game. It guides the reader to the main strokes and shows how to put them together to start the game. Throughout their book, Baron and Monkey teach the reader the sport’s techniques interestingly and enjoyably. The interesting and fun lessons captivate the little readers and, this builds up an urge within them to buckle up and start taking part in this sport.

The book is written in such a way that it not only teaches you how to score but will also inspire lifelong enthusiasm, love, and passion for tennis. Apart from the absorbing and engaging guidelines, the book is not excessively lengthy and, this is the best part about it. Children tend to get bored easily thus, a book with a lot of information and long paragraphs will exhaust the young readers. In addition to this, the characters of Baron and Monkey are the essence of the book. The illustrations of the book are captivating and immediately attracts the young readers. The book has taught strong yet basic techniques, rules and tactics of how to play tennis in a child friendly way that young minds can easily comprehend.

Moreover, Baron and Monkey have made things much easier for the reader to understand by listing all the words, meanings, and the set of rules that the player must follow and obey. Although the information might not contain everything, it’s enough for the little humans at the beginning. Another crucial lesson in the book is not to reveal your game’s methods and techniques when your opponents are listening; this might give them the leverage of stealing your ideas and tactics. 

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