NBA Fan Favorite Meter: Top 3 Teams That Are Loved by Patrons

November 25 15:40 2021

For sure, NBA viewers are feeling a deeper connection with the league compared to the previous season as it came back to its regular programming. Hence, fans can now also watch the games live and in person.

With this, it’s safe to say that the fan spirit is on and NBA patrons can tediously express their support now, for example, doing fan rallies on venues or on social media platforms.

Although the NBA is considered a sports league, it’s heavily canon that it’s also a business. And the huge part of it being called one are the hardcore fans. These supporters are willing to line up just to buy tickets and merchandise no matter how expensive they are. Not to mention, the NBA also has tens of millions of fans globally, especially in Asia. Truly, the market is massive for this league.

But of course, there are teams that just stand out from the rest. And the biggest factor of this fame is the teams’ standings in the league. The more wins a team garners, the more viewers will appreciate their performance. Although, there are instances where international fans love underdogs as these teams seem hardworking and more dedicated. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 3 NBA teams that capture the hearts of many viewers and what makes them so lovable.

Top 3: Miami Heat

This team has already established their name up the wall ever since they’ve garnered championships with their former Big 3: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. And even though all of these players aren’t in the roster anymore, it seems like they’ve influenced how this new line-up should play the game, by being flashy and electrifying.

Now that the Miami Heat is somewhat rebuilding, the team’s old fans appreciate the consistency and passion that these young-blooded players are putting up on the court. The fact that they are currently one of the leading teams in the Eastern Conference with only a few A-listers players, says a lot about Erik Spoelstra’s ability to adapt.

Top 2: Los Angeles Lakers

Frankly, the LA Lakers would always be relevant. This team will just find ways to not hang on to their 2000s’ fame, which led them to become one of the winningest NBA teams ever. Although there had been some stepbacks after Kobe Bryant retired, the vulnerability that this team showed was considered as very relatable. It was even considered as the perfect “even the best fall down sometimes” story.

And now that the momentum is back on their side, thanks to LeBron James’ presence, the Lakers and their millions of fans from different generations are here to stay and make some noise.

Top 1: Golden State Warriors

There will always be a new favorite in every era; and currently, the GSW holds that spot. Gone were the days where basketball used to be so technical where coaches and players analyze every move they have to make. What made the Warriors very lovable, especially to the new NBA fans, is that this team always follows their gut.

For instance, Stephen Curry is currently the best NBA shooter because of his confidence. Whenever he feels that he can score even on the halfcourt, he’d go for it. And that performance became inspirational for the new athletes and fans because people just admire others who believe in themselves.

The NBA is becoming more exciting each day. Certainly, nobody would ever want to miss these kinds of action. Seeing how coaches and players shape the league into this kind of TV program that we enjoy is admirable.

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