The 2021 Annual Fresh Faces Project Awards Honors Over 50 Talents From All Over The Nation

November 24 15:40 2021
The Fresh Faces Project bestowed a variety of awards, titles and honors to over 50 chosen creatives, entrepreneurs and pageant queens from all around the country at their 2021 pro bono annual awards ceremony!

Photos & Video By A Taste Of Chicago, Guthrie Bonnétt (#ATOC), Shay James and Cami Lawrence

The Fresh Faces Project is a nonprofit initiative owned by the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation. They have provided free and discounted PR & Marketing services to over 600 beneficiaries since their inception in 2014. They made history in January as being one of the largest pro bono marketing agencies in the world and have been seen on the front pages of media giants such as but not only Yahoo! Finance, Forbes Journal, TIME Magazine Paris, New York Times Daily, The Washington Mail, The Los Angeles Tribune and more! They’ve been coined a “legion of legends” in the media led by the Founder, Calynn M. Lawrence (Ms. USA Universe Tourism 2021), that has been called “Supergirl of Small Business PR (Various outlets),” “One of The Greatest Minds In Creative PR (A Valid Review),” and “The Queen Midas of Small Business Marketing (Humor & Style Magazine).”

The ceremony is invitation only and self-funded by their parent company with no ticket sales, entry fees or nomination fees to make it 100% accessible to every demographic! Its Founder sets this in place because she does not want anyone who deserves recognition to be stifled by their financial situation. Thus, the food, drinks, raffles and actual awards are of no charge to guests as a part of their pro bono cause. The credit for this amazing event also goes to the contributors who made it happen outside of its Founder! Photos & Videos were done by volunteers who exemplify the mission of the initiative : A Taste of Chicago, Shay James & Cami Lawrence. Decor & catering was done by Damuchi Does It, Leretha Thomas & Toriano Lawrence. Set Up And Take Down was done by their beloved volunteers. The Royal Ambassadors also donated a portion of their People’s Choice Competition fundraiser proceeds to the event totalling $350.

This year the ceremony hosted a thorough program with three separate honors that were available to guests! They bestowed LIfetime Honoree awards to guests who had shown immense support to their cause and made sizable contributions to their industries and communities. They offered Innovator Awards to creatives and entrepreneurs who have been making waves in their fields. And, most notably, they had the official coronation of their first class of Royal Ambassador queens, The Artists of Altruism, who will reign for the next year representing the organization in their philanthropy, business and entertainment work! 

Here are some quotes from The 2021 Artists of Altruism:

“As the Ms. Fresh Face Universal 21-22, a woman of color battling Endometriosis  and a mother to a son on the Spectrum, I will use my platform, education and background to bring more awareness to the oversights many face in getting diagnoses and proper care and highlight disparities in underrepresented communities in the USA and abroad, as well as teach others how to get more involved.” – Michaela, Ms, Fresh Face Universal 2021

“As an artist, plus size queen, and humanitarian, my mission as Ms. Elite Fresh Face Universal is to help young women across the globe overcome body image issues and build their self esteem through the Dove Self Esteem Project!“ – Jessica, Ms. Elite Fresh Face Universal 2021

“I stand for love, passion and for touching the lives of those around me for the better.” – Julianna, Miss Fresh Face USA 2021

“My platform is advocating for chronic illnesses as this is a cause that hits home. I want to help those suffering. Public health is a major responsibility and how we deal with it, is our decision.” – Miriam, Ms. Forever Fresh Face USA 2021

“My Goal is to live and leave a Legacy of Service!” – Demetria, Ms. Forever Fresh Face America 2021

“Break the Silence, we as a society need to show men and women that it is ok to come forward and speak about what has happened to them, they are not alone!” – Destiny Faith, Miss Teen Fresh Face America 2021

“Every person deserves food, shelter, compassion and love! I will be doing work nationwide to help contribute to this cause during my reign.” – Kiana, Ms. Elite Fresh Face USA 2021

“My platform as the 2021 Ms. Fresh Faces USA is to IGNITE JOY THROUGH THE SPARK OF THE ARTS! I aim to accomplish this by giving back selflessly through the arts and utilize this platform along with my own business that I am CEO/ Founder/ Director of JNV R.E.P.S.P.A.C.E  (Royal Exquisite Peacock School of Performance, Arts, Catering, and Events) to restore, enhance, and incredibly improve the communities through the creative and performing arts. My goal is to create a Renaissance of new talented artist by bridging the gap between generations, embracing differences in cultures and backgrounds, ministering and performing through the word of God, and birthing and cultivating the arts in the underprivileged, misfortunate, underrepresented,socially, emotionally and economically forgotten. I strive to provide restoration, healing, and therapy through artistic expression by helping others to find their voices, refurbishing purpose by encouraging to relight the flame within, and IGNITING JOY of the Arts to SHINE brightly for the world to see!” – Joy, Ms. Fresh Face USA 2021

The List Of Honorees Present At The Event (some awards were given virtually prior to the event in the earlier part of the year):


Julianna, Miss Fresh Face USA 2021

Joy, Ms. Fresh Face USA 2021

Kiana, Ms. Elite Fresh Face USA 2021

Jenesis, Junior Miss Fresh Face 2021

Miriam, Ms. Forever Fresh Faces USA 2021

Michaela, Ms. Fresh Face Universal 2021

Jessica, Ms. Elite Fresh Face Universal 2021

Destiny Faith, Miss Teen Fresh Face America 2021

Demetria, Ms. Forever Fresh Face America 2021


Cami Lawrence

Nikhaule Martin

Frances Acklin

Isha Ayana

Rita Hankins

Brit Thomas

Lasonya Alexander, Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate 2021

Nikoleta Morales, Ms. Royalty International Dutches 2021

The Gallarneau Family

Yolanda Stinnett, Mrs International 2021


Ericca Avilla

Benjamin Scott

Aisha Johnson

Nallely Garcia & her daughter Miranda

Guthrie Bonnétt


Sharen Chester, Ms. America Nation2021

Oriane Golden, Ms. International America Nation 2020

Ariel Maria

Shay James

Glory Djidonou, Mrs. America Nation 2021

Dr. Delmar “Dominique” Peterson, Ph.d., M.Ed, Ms. Illinois World Universal 2021

Debbie Sue Goodman

Anthony + Sharrell Amos

David Seymour

Lena Herrero

Arella Swan

Iesha Trotter

Anita Lain

Sanovia Reynolds Parks

Angela Johnson, Ms. American Royal Spirit 2021-2022

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