BOC Sciences Adds Phosphoramidites to Its Nucleotide Product Portfolio for Oligonucleotide Synthesis

November 24 19:12 2021
BOC Sciences recently announced that it has added phosphoramidites to its nucleotide product portfolio for oligonucleotide synthesis.

New York, USA – November 24, 2021 – BOC Sciences, having been a well-known supplier of biochemical and pharmaceutical raw materials for more than a decade, recently announced that it has added phosphoramidites to its nucleotide product portfolio for oligonucleotide synthesis.

Previously, DNA synthesis process was limited by the length, quality, and yield of DNA due to the inefficiency of reactions. Thanks to the discovery of nucleoside phosphoramidite in 1981, the situation has been improved dramatically. Until now, although phosphoramidite chemistry has been used for nearly 35 years, phosphoramidite and its modified variants are still the gold standards for DNA synthesis technology. In view of the significance of phosphoramidite, BOC Sciences has been dedicated to developing it for years and fortunately reaps some accomplishments.

Phosphoramidites have the best protective groups, which distinguish their chemical properties from those of other chemical processes. The ease of use and great efficiency allow phosphoramidite to produce lengthy oligonucleotide sequences of up to 200 base pairs. At present, hundreds of phosphoramidites are available at BOC Sciences for oligonucleotide synthesis. In addition to the common DNA phosphoramidites and RNA phosphoramidites, BOC Sciences also provides 2′-modified phosphoramidite, LNA phosphoramidite, etc.

2′-modified phosphoramidite

2′-modification of the ribose ring is frequently used to improve oligonucleotide stability and resistance to nuclease activity in the body. RNA oligonucleotides synthesized with 2′-fluorophosphoramidite enhance the thermal stability of double-stranded RNA and the nuclease resistance of single-stranded RNA. Moreover, These 2′-fluoro-substituted phosphoramidites can be integrated into siRNA oligonucleotides for gene targeting and inhibition studies. To satisfy massive oligonucleotide synthesis needs, BOC Sciences, with first-class facilities and professional technicians, provides high-quality and reliable 2′-modified phosphoramidites.

LNA phosphoramidite

BOC Sciences offers different LNA phosphoramidites to ensure efficient and accurate synthesis of locked nucleic acids (LNAs) and oligonucleotides containing LNA. The 2,4-bicyclic structure of LNA brings unprecedented affinity and specificity of LNA modified oligonucleotides. LNA monomers can be mixed with DNA and RNA monomers and most other known nucleic acid analogues and act synergistically.

Quality Control of BOC Sciences

* Animal-origin-free raw materials, and no TSE/BSE risk.
* Through maintaining product stability and safety between batches, the entire process is properly monitored, from material procurement to final QC and product delivery.
* All products undergo high-resolution analysis including LC-MS, GC, HPLC, 31P NMR, and 1H NMR.

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About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has produced thousands of pharmaceutical impurities, degradants, metabolites of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients in accordance with the guidelines described in the International Pharmacopeia monographs. It has expertise in nucleoside chemistry and oligonucleotide synthesis, which can meet the needs of different customers in the industry.

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