Strategic Advisor Board releases new guaranteed business growth guide, hits Amazon Bestseller in 12 hours

November 23 07:57 2021
“The Power of 10” by 10 CEOs guarantees to provide a proven guide on successful leadership skills and the custom strategies to elevate a business to new heights and that too sustainably.

Boulder, Colorado – November 22, 2021 – Leading business consultancy firm Strategic Advisor Board has recently released a new book that has hit the stellar status of “Amazon Bestseller” in just 12 hours of the launch. Titled “The Power of 10”, and co-authored by 10 CEOs, the book aims to provide the ultimate guaranteed guide to scale business to the next level. 

The Power of 10” is available in both ebook and Hardcover versions.

Business guides are released almost every other day, leading to a cut-throat competition in the business guide industry. And, if a new  CEO guide book manages to reach Amazon Bestseller amid such fierce competition and that too in less than a day of its release, the book certainly shows huge promise.

In an exclusive interview, Jason Miller, the founder and CEO of SAB and one of the authors of “The Power of 10”, shared that their latest book offers wisdom and knowledge of as many as 10 CEOs, as well as full-proof and proven strategies to spearhead a business to greater heights.

“Together we have brought together our individual chapters packed with wisdom, knowledge, years of experience and proven strategies to create a book of fool-proof methods that would unexpectedly move the needle forward in your business. We are glad that people are liking it, so much so, that our new book is an Amazon Bestseller now in just a few hours of the launch. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our readers for showering the book with so much of love and lovely kind words”, stated Mr. Miller while talking about the book. 

“Running a business can be an overwhelming job. As veteran CEOs, we hold the first-hand experience of the typical problems faced by a business owner  and over the years we have developed certain strategies to address these problems. We want to help the fellow CEOs out there, especially the new ones. It’s such ethos that got us together to bring you the guaranteed blueprint of the proven strategies that will help you to improve your revenue and elevate your business to greater heights.”

Authored by 10 CEOs, “The Power of 10” comes with 10 chapters –

  • Leadership

SAB CEO Jason Miller has shared the nuts and bolts of developing the most impactful leadership skills, backed by efficient systems and execution standards for proliferating growth of a business.

  • Traffic

The SAB SVP Shelby Jo Long has shared how to understand target niche, create client traffic, and develop lasting relations with clients through a unique communication strategy.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Business expansion specialist Michael Sipe has revealed his signature 3-part process for creating an engaged, profitable, and enthusiastic workforce through creative and innovative solutions.

  • Connection

Written by leading CEO Kara James, this chapter shows the proven strategies to develop an effective onboarding process and create a respectful and inclusive environment that would eventually reduce turnover rate.

  • Adaptation

Penned by veteran CEO  Michael Jackson, this chapter shares his 30+ years of experience on how to develop resilience to constantly changing economic forces through efficient adaptation strategies.

  • Communication

Major corporate leader Joel Phillips has discussed how to elevate digital presence and customer messaging to create consistent and credible customer engagement that will eventually lead to rising sales figures.

  • Fulfillment

Written by Joe Trujillo, this chapter shares proven insights and pearls of wisdom on developing a unique effective fulfillment strategy to address the commitment of fulfillment which eventually would help to retain clients and pave the way for new growth. 

  • Relationships

Leading CEO Mike Owens has provided the most comprehensive guide on growing relationships with customers and turning them into referral agents that will help to take a business to even greater heights.

  • Culture

Company culture specialist Will Black has laid down the strategies to create and maintain an inclusive and empathetic work culture that evokes inspiration and loyalty, resulting in enhanced growth and revenue in near future.

  • Mindset

Top CEO and USA Today Bestselling author Chris O’Byrne has shared how to attain mindfulness to develop a growth mindset.

The “The Power of 10” also comes with a money-back guarantee.

Reader testimonials:

“As an entrepreneur and private equity manager and investor, I value ethics, integrity, and grit when evaluating potential deals. You find these qualities in the Strategic Advisor Board team. Together, their service for small business owners to scale quickly is outstanding and it’s because of their experience and the qualities I admire that sets them apart from others. I highly recommend them if you are a business owner or CEO.” – Bill Militello

“This book will give you a nice read into the strengths of each CEO and how this team can help any sized business reach their potential. Very insightful, with a preeminent delivery of each individual.”

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