Timeout IQ: Here’s an App to improve children’s cognitive development

November 22 19:30 2021

Limited screen time and improved sleep were associated with the strongest links to improved cognition, while physical activity may be more important for physical health.

However, only one in 20 US children aged between 8-11 years meet the three recommendations advised by the Canadian 24-hour Movement Guidelines to ensure good cognitive development – 9-11 hours of sleep, less than two hours of recreational screen time, and at least an hour of physical activity every day.

There won’t be many parents who don’t want to control their children’s mobile activities in a productive way. TimeoutIQ, an AI-powered App brings an effective solution for this major concern. If you have children in Kindergarten to Grade 8,  TimeoutIQ is specifically designed to help them do better in school and help their mental health in their most formative years.

Back in the day, how do you think one caveman spoke to another about their children not behaving? “He doesn’t corner the prey correctly for me to get dinner”, “My little one is too busy plucking apples off the tree, and I think she should have started plucking pears by now ”,“ My children do not take hunting seriously”. Those were the days when cave people used to spend most of their time hunting and worrying about keeping their families safe. Never in their wildest dream would they have imagined worrying about their children getting addicted to a smartphone. 

Fast-forwarding the time to present. Every phase in life brings its own shades of colors. Some colors might not fascinate us, some might prick us in the eye, and some colors might become our favorite. Parenthood, however, is that color of life that not only looks beautiful but comes with its own dark shades. Therefore, painting a picture of parenthood can be paradoxical, which is why only those who have had a first-hand experience can tell. 

Shawn Desouza, a wise man, was just catching up with his neighbor. From the look of the conversation, his neighbor had a pretty simple life that included going to work, staying logged in for 8 hours, and returning home to change into comfortable clothes and preparing for the next day while peacefully enjoying his evening. He was a simple man, who looked forward to spending quality time with his family during weekends. 

Just when Shawn started feeling envious of his neighbor’s peaceful life, his neighbor got a call from someone. From the looks of it, the call sounded ominous to Shawn as he could sense the shock and terror in his neighbor’s voice. Finally something Shawn was able to relate with. The neighbor, in shock, started blabbering and from the gibberish, Shawn figured it was something related to his neighbor’s 10-year-old son. 

The neighbor’s, 10-year-old son’s phone bill was a whopping $600 bill for in-app purchase with Minecraft or Fortnite or some kind of game in his smartphone. The one thing that the neighbor loathed, apparently loathed him back — smartphones. The plight didn’t stop there. The same week, the neighbor got a call from his son’s school teacher, about the child’s poor performance at school. 

Frustrated and helpless, the neighbor ended up questioning his parenting. He was surrounded by self-doubts, whether or not he is giving the right upbringing to his son. He then reached out to Shawn and asked if there was any app that could give him the control to monitor and decide what his child indulges in while using smartphones. Though the neighbor was not happy with how things were turning up, he was aware of the fact that technology was the future of the next generation. 

Even though Shawn sympathized with his neighbor’s situation, he was more interested and determined to find a solution for it. He wondered about the number of parents who must be going through the same frustration, in fact, worse. Shawn Desouza, who spent a copious amount of time in the Tech industry, realized that in the mobile app landscape, there isn’t much for parents who are struggling to find any app that can help them manage screen time and get high-quality education for their children. 

Therefore, Shawn, the wise man and the genius he was, decided to develop an all-in-one solution for mobile education and parental control. He called his invention, TimeoutIQ. Shawn gave every parent the power to advocate and control their children’s involvement in smartphones. He was a believer of the fact that he cannot change what’s happened in the beginning, but he surely can change the ending, and therefore, he did. 

Below are the main features of this Free AI-powered App:

Customized Education: TimeoutIQ®’s quality curriculum is designed for Kindergarten to Grade 8 (Ages 3 to 11)

Flexible Screentime Limits: Parents can personalize children’s screen time and set daily limits or extend/reduce them.

Detailed Reporting: Parents can monitor app usage and logs the amount of time, number of questions/challenges, and answers.

Location Tracking: Parents can turn on location tracking on your child’s device. 

AI, AI O!: Is your child too smart for the grade? TimeOutIQ® automatically increases the level of questions/challenges beyond the grade level that you set.

Award Bonus Time: Is your child acing all the questions/challenges? Go ahead and award them with bonus screen time. Set the number of answers to get right and the amount of bonus time with the flick of your thumb.

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