Moodify Pet Is a New Scientific Breakthrough that Eliminates Cat Litter Odors Instantly

November 22 16:15 2021
This odor eliminator is hassle-free and effectively eradicates 100 percent of the smell.

Moodify Pet is a revolutionary product that instantly eliminates cat litter stench. It is a cat litter odor eliminator in pendant form that hangs above the litter tray. The pendant is made of clay and infused with a unique malodor control solution based on the WhiteScent patented technology — achieving a faster, smarter, more efficient, less intense and much more pleasant odor-canceling effect.

Smell has its own spectrum (like the visible spectrum), and spreading odor molecules equally across it will achieve a malodor control effect without having an unpleasant mixture of bad smell and cheap perfume. Moodify Pet’s science-based approach focuses on this technique.

It has the WhiteScent malodor control technology that deploys a novel perceptual approach to removing bad smell. It does not use over-intense amounts of perfume usually found in other solutions or air fresheners. This technology involves a clever activation of receptors in the olfactory bulb — the organ in charge of sensing smell — to make the brain think that the bad smell is gone.

Pet owners only have to hang one pendant on the wall (at about the height of their nose) in the room where the litter box is placed. Each Moodify Pet package includes two pendants. It is recommended for indoor spaces and needs to be replaced after two weeks.

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Moodify Pet is a simple, revolutionary cat litter odor eliminator that eliminates cat litter stench instantly.

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