XCPinata Launches Historic Counterparty NFT Project

November 20 00:02 2021
XCPinata Launches Historic Counterparty NFT Project
The project features uniquely crafted NFTs minted over 7 years ago, making them highly valuable collectibles with a long history and limited supply

XCPinata is delighted to announce the release of a historic Counterparty NFT project created on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The historic assets were created over 7 years ago and will have the first exclusive NFTs airdropped on the 20th of November, 2021.

The artist running XCPinata was the first to declare “Cryptocurrency as art, in and of itself. The token IS the art.” The project is described as, “An artist’s personal and historical journey to create digital originals.”

CUPCAKE, TEDDY, COOKIES, CALENDAR, and DINOSAUR are a set of XCP NFTs already released and interested investors seeking to own any of the Counterparty NFTs soon to be airdropped must hold at least 3 combinations of the XCP NFTs.

Over the years, a lot of NFT projects have been created to take advantage of the growing adoption of blockchain technology as a reliable store of value. While some creators have been successful at presenting unique features and meanings behind their NFT projects to ramp up their value, the most successful and most valuable NFT collections have remained the classic pre-market projects that embody the history of all non-fungible digital tokens.

These NFTs soon to be airdropped through the counterparty.io platform undoubtedly qualify as crypto-collectibles destined for tremendous market valuation due to their limited supply and long history – with some of the coins dating as far back as 2015.

Interested investors can keep in touch with XCPinata by writing to the company via mail, or by following its social media account on Twitter.

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