The Great Coffee Project is a Fresh Way to Raise Money.

October 21 04:45 2021
A simple way to support local organizations while championing environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices around the world.

20 October, 2021 – Founded by a diverse team of successful entrepreneurs, a former teacher, parents, and industry professionals, The Great Coffee Project committed to fostering positive change in the world, one bag of coffee at a time. Fed-up with traditional fundraisers, they decided to launch a socially conscious company designed to make fundraising easy, effective, and an activity that organizations can be proud to support.

The Great Coffee Project has created a simple way to support local organizations while also supporting environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices around the world. They do that by donating 15% of every online sale directly to the school or non-profit of your choice. For organizations trying to raise money, there are no order forms, presales, inventory, or deliveries to make. All that is required is the sharing of a web link with people that love great coffee and love to support amazing causes. Even though there is a 15% donation on every sale, the coffee is still competitively priced with national brands of fresh-roasted coffee. So, it really is like free money for the sponsoring organization.

The Great Coffee Project starts by fresh roasting small batches of high-quality coffee and delivering it directly to the consumer’s doorstep, so they receive coffee that is at its peak freshness (unlike store-purchased coffee that is likely 6+ months old). From the first cup, customers notice the difference that freshness makes in the flavors and richness of the coffee. Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back to coffee that’s been sitting on store shelves.

The Great Coffee Project sources organic coffee for all their single-origin coffees and uses sustainably grown coffee for all their flavored blends. They believe that the elimination of insecticides and pesticides is good for the earth and good for their customers. They encourage all their farmers to employ modern growing techniques that don’t deplete the earth of its nutrients. Additionally, they have partnered with to plant a tree in Madagascar with each purchase.

Ethical sourcing of their coffee is important to the mission of The Great Coffee Project. They work with individual farmers and co-ops around the world to ensure that they receive a fair price for their coffee and all their employees are treated with fairness and dignity. They source fair trade products to the extent possible.

The Great Coffee Project believes that coffee tastes better when it is freshly roasted, delivered directly, supports your local community, supports the environment, and pays fair wages to the farmers of the world. They are currently recruiting motivated people to join The Great Coffee Project as local Project Coordinators. The Project Coordinators are the first line of contact for local fundraising efforts.

More information on getting involved as a Project Coordinator or a customer can be found at

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