Curing Imposter Syndrome is Good for Business

October 19 19:27 2021
Curing Imposter Syndrome is Good for Business
Nectar Consulting, Inc. celebrates 20 year anniversary

Nectar Consulting, Inc. is proud to announce it is celebrating two decades of helping thousands of professionals overcome the mental blocks and debilitating anxieties that previously held them back from success. 

Led by Michele Molitor, C-Hyp, Nectar Consulting specializes in using a unique combination of hypnotherapy plus coaching to get to the root cause of crippling inner beliefs that often hold people back from success. These negative beliefs often manifest as anxiety, depression, IBS, hypertension, and other uncomfortable physical reactions. Nectar Consulting helps people access and rewire their subconscious belief systems to lead happier, more successful, and more productive lives. 

“It has been my greatest joy and honor to serve people around the globe – helping successful professionals remove the bugs and blocks from their mindsets and find greater freedom, joy, and satisfaction in their careers and lives,” said Michele Molitor, Founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting. 

Molitor, referred to as The Mind Detective by her clients, taps into the subconscious minds of countless professionals in order to access and rewire their deep, inner beliefs. Working remotely with clients worldwide, this process transforms old baggage into positive, empowering beliefs that bring about greater peace, prosperity, and joy in their lives. 

As Nectar Consulting celebrates 20 years in business, Molitor would like more people to embrace the power of her unique Rapid Rewiring Program to target anxiety and imposter syndrome. The 90-day treatment plan is based on Molitor’s years of experience in coaching, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, reiki, neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience, and epigenetics. 

Michele Molitor is the Founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting Inc., based in Hayward, California. Molitor is also the co-author of the best-selling book, “Breakthrough Healing.”  For more information about Nectar Consulting please visit You can also find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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