Ido Hurvits, Tuqqi’s CEO & Founder shares the secret that makes Tech giants so efficient

October 18 14:06 2021
From building a core platform that serves as the beating heart of every organization to choosing a champion to lead the change management in the organization, Tuqqi shares the top secrets that companies need to know to become super-efficient.

Ido Hurvits, Tuqqi’s Co-Founder & CEO 

For businesses wondering how tech giants manage millions of users worldwide with a few employees, industry leader Tuqqi has shared the top secrets that make these huge companies efficient.

“Ever wondered how tech giants manage more than 200 million users, with less than a thousand employees? With tech giants leading the world, it seems like we can learn a lot from how they are so efficient,” says Ido Hurvits, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tuqqi. 

Ido says companies have to find their core platforms and professional platforms, which are two different types of technologies designed to improve the way employees operate.

Professional tools are what most business owners have become accustomed to using over the past few decades. They are designed to be used by individual employees or small teams to improve the efficiency of a specific task. On the other hand, core platforms are an all-in-one solution designed to be used by an entire company to boost the way employees operate, collaborate, and perform as one team towards a common goal.

Core networking platforms allow managers to communicate efficiently with employees, manage the progress of daily tasks and long-term objectives, fetch business reports, secure documents, keep track of employees, and so much more – all under one roof. “In every tech giant, you will find a core platform,” explains Ido. 

Snapshot of Tuqqi’s core platform, p.c. Tuqqi.

After identifying the different types of platforms, the next step towards the future of work is to look closely into your work procedure, list them, and make sure they will all take place inside the core platform. Examples of work procedures are managing tasks, ongoing projects, one-time projects, CRM & sharing knowledge. Every day, we help organizations worldwide to identify these procedures and build them into Tuqqi. “In tech giants, you will always see professionals dealing with identifying and automating work procedures every day,” says Ido.

The third step raised by Ido is the need for companies to choose a champion to lead this change management in the organization. Ido tells companies, “Don’t be afraid to embrace new technologies. Make sure that your employees understand that embracing technology is inevitable. And counts as part of their job.”

The last key factor is to change your mindset, says Ido. Businesses need to “push knowledge to employees, and not asking them to pull.” Future organizations must move from “you didn’t know, you are a bad employee” to “here is what you need to stay productive.” 

Companies have to embrace the future of work by building their core platform. Your core platform is the beating heart of the organization. By running daily work procedures, implemented by a champion, any organization will start pushing instead of pulling, exactly like tech giants do,” says Ido.

Companies looking to make a change may visit the website and sign up to get started. 

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