Misdemeanor Defendants Get a Second Chance with AB 3234 Says Madu Law Group

October 08 22:27 2021
Madu Law Group efficiently addresses misdemeanor cases by leveraging on the new legislation that helps defendants start anew.

California recently issued a key change in its criminal law under AB 3234 that took effect early this year. The said legislation allows defendants to have their misdemeanor cases dismissed by authorizing judges to divert the case and order the defendant to accomplish specific terms of the diversion program. If they can comply with all conditions, the criminal action will be dismissed and the record erased.

Madu Law Group specializes in misdemeanor and felony charges with Attorney Emeka Madu at the helm of the firm. Mr. Madu is known to be one of the most sought-after criminal defense attorneys in California, having worked in the District Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles County for five years. “This change in the law allows clients charged with misdemeanors to possibly have all charges against them dismissed. Also, they would not have a criminal record at all and we are here to help,” he said. Though it must be noted that some offenses are not eligible under this legislation, such as domestic violence charges, stalking, and other registrable offenses.

Diversion can last up to 24 months and can include terms, conditions, or programs imposed by judges, which are based on the defendant’s specific situation. If the defendant has complied at the end of the program with all terms and conditions, the judge will dismiss the case. If on the other hand, the defendant is not complying with the terms of the diversion program, the court may hold a hearing, end the diversion and resume the criminal proceedings. Those who are facing misdemeanor charges and want to make the most out of this new law can get in touch with the team behind Madu Law Group at http://www.madulawgroup.com.

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