Nagler Foot Center Houston Offers Exceptionally Professional Ankle Surgery and Achilles tendon Repair

September 16 17:39 2021
Nagler Foot Center Houston Offers Exceptionally Professional Ankle Surgery and Achilles tendon Repair

Nagler Foot Center Houston is a clinic that is committed to providing individuals with quality care and the best treatment for foot and ankle problems. All their doctors are certified in podiatric surgery, and they deliver the highest level of expertise and care. They specialize in all types of foot problems and take pride in providing clients with a comfortable experience. Their offices are conveniently located for easy access.

Answering a question, the company spokesperson said, “Achilles tendonitis is a condition that results in pain and inflammation within the Achilles tendon. This injury normally occurs due to repetitive use of the foot, ankle, or leg muscles. The most common symptom is tenderness around the heel from all types of activity, including walking as well as running. Signs include swelling, red patches with either bruising or heat sensations, and it often feels stiff when one wants to get up out of bed.”

Nagler Foot Center Houston offers ankle surgery in Houston. Their doctors, especially Dr. Nagler has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to ankle treatment. Respective of whether one has a foot deformity or any other problem associated with the foot or ankle, Dr. Nagler renders the best treatment. All the doctors at the clinic have spent years in medical practice specializing in various foot and ankle ailments, including foot surgery, foot pain, ankle pain, and other foot problems like for example bunions. Each and every foot and ankle surgeon at this clinic has been known to work wonders. They deliver a professional service, and this is one of the many reasons why they have thousands of satisfied patients. They always take pride in their patients’ well being and make their visits pleasant.

Responding to an inquiry on what are the causes that lead to ankle injuries, the company spokesperson said, “An ankle injury may result from a traumatic impact on the ankle joint, inflammatory conditions, or other acute conditions such as tendinitis. Other than these causes, this condition could also have chronic causes, such as arthritis in the ankle joint area. Typically, the surgery options for ankle injuries vary depending on the degree of the injury and what a doctor deems is the best procedure.”

Dr. Nagler of Nagler Foot Center Houston is also a top expert in the diagnosis of Achilles tendon issues. In fact, he is one of the best surgeons in repairing the Achilles tendon, with years of expertise. Typically, in his Achilles tendon surgery, Dr. Nagler sews the torn tendon ends through the incision with the help of a tendon graft to fix the rupture. And if there is bruising or swelling, he may delay the surgery for a few days in order for the inflammation to subside. Just as any other expert, he will always suggest wearing a cast after the surgery for a complete recovery. Their quality of care is high, and their Achilles tendon repair cost in Houston is affordable.

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Nagler Foot Center Houston is a clinic with an exceptionally professional podiatrist in Houston who offers relevant foot and ankle treatment programs by providing quality care.



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