Oriental Starlight – the 5th season New York Fashion Week debut

September 14 03:00 2021

On 12th September, 2021, the international brand the 5th season officially made its debut at New York Fashion Week on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Unlike the predecessors who focus on concepts, the international design team conceptualised the brand, deriving from the name ‘swift’, looking for the embodiment of strength in the lightness and resilience of the swifts—although their wings are small, they can still flap them, and shield their offspring with those small wings. This design concept is integrated into the current era. At the same time, the swifts are not only a representative of oriental beauty, but also one of China’s 2008 Olympic mascots.

The 5th season focuses on creating a new vision of the body, integrating oriental wisdom and feminine beauty into suit fabrics, combining soft fabrics with tailoring, breaking the limitations of the structure, interpreting the theme of contemporary independent women, using the “wings” of the swifts to release the power of women with feathered sleeves and spreading waist wings.

In this season’s collection, great care had been taken with the silhouettes and matching of the garments. The combination of bags, shoes and accessories with the overall look was a bold blend of eastern and western cultures, creating a more distinctive overall vision that was simple yet elegant. When the power of the swifts was integrated into contemporary women’s clothing, the image of gentle yet tough oriental women, jumps with liveliness and independence, allowing the new generation of women to go further and be more powerful.

In addition, three distinctive earrings had been carefully crafted to be unique, and the highlighting of these details not only focused on the piece, but also added to the overall atmosphere it presented.

With the emphasis on women’s independence, the current Chinese women’s style is becoming more and more distinctive, and their dressing style is becoming a concrete expression of their independence, and their understanding of clothes is becoming more international. The 5th season team adopts a simple and comfortable design concept to let the oriental beauty of Chinese women bloom in fashion once again and shine in the world.

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