How Gamester Merch’s CEO Overcame His Abusive Childhood and is Excelling at Life Today

May 03 18:31 2021

Imagine someone running a video game apparel store when he did not even grow up playing video games and was forced to follow a strict dress code that didn’t allow any personal expression – where could his passion have started? For Gamester Merch’s CEO, his love for gaming started when he first got to play secretly, and he still loves gaming just as much.

Vex did not grow up playing video games because of his strict father and religious Amish upbringing. One day, a non-Amish family that had just moved into town invited his family to their house for dinner. After dinner, the parents got caught up in conversation, and Vex snuck away with the children. In the basement, there was a TV and a Nintendo system. This was the first time in his life that he saw video games. Although he was afraid his father might catch him, he took the risk and played video games for the first time. He was completely amazed as they showed him games like Mario, Lego Racers, and Need for Speed. According to him, at first, he couldn’t believe that video games existed. He loved every second of it to the point that he eventually bought his own Gameboy with money that he had hidden away. He kept it a secret from his father and played whenever he could. For Vex, his Gameboy was a portal to a secret world that allowed him to escape real life and forget his struggles and pain temporarily.

Vex is vocal about his Amish background and how he grew up with an abusive father. He had experienced every form of abuse imaginable since he was six years old until he was almost 18, but it was through all his hardships in life that he is able to stand tall today. Reflecting back, Vex stated that the hardest part of his past was watching his mother be abused and not being able to do anything about it.

Fast forward to today, despite everything that he endured, Vex was able to launch Gamester Merch, a video game apparel store that aims to build a community of gamers who love showing their passion for gaming. He was inspired to launch Gamester Merch when looking for a gaming shirt for his younger brother. As he searched online, he realized websites that focused purely on video gaming apparel were rare. At that moment, he thought how awesome it would be to release high-quality video game merchandise for people who share the same passion as him. Interestingly, two of the children Vex played his first video games with are part of the Gamester Merch Team today.

While Vex’s story speaks of a sad history, he hopes people can use his life as an inspiration. He believes if someone as abused, broken, and fearful as he was can find a way to power through that, almost anyone, if not everyone, can find a way. Now, Vex is able to spend most days with his mother, and they are both very happy and at peace.

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