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April 01 22:40 2021

Schildr NJ Inc, one of leading brands in the modern pergola, sunroom and louvered roof systems, just announced the launch of their new website https://www.schildr-nj.com

The new website encompasses brand’s all of the product lines including sunroom, louvered roof, retractable pergola, patio cover, screen rooms, carport, windows and doors with Aluminum framing, three and four season sunrooms, solariums and porch enclosures.

“Our new website is very easy to navigate and choose among products,” noted Khayyam Ahmadov, CEO, Schildr. “Now our customers can explore the entire range of our products, get acquainted with their characteristics and description. Often, our potential customers are not aware of the technical capabilities that our products provide. For example, the Sunroom Dynamic model is not stationary, but has a multi-functional design with sliding panels on the roof, openable side panels of various types, an available automatic lighting system, a waterproof and dust-proof frame structure, and many other features.” 

Everyone who want to hire a company that will install a new sunroom, screen room, pool enclosure, louvered roof, pergola, carport or patio cover and will provide personalized customer service along the way, should Schildr NJ Inc. today. They proudly serve homeowners in and around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Which Shaded Structure is Best Solution for Your Backyard Space?

This question is asked by almost everyone who is going to equip the backyard; again, Schildr’s new website will help any client to make the best choice.

For clients whose main goal is convenience and functionality, a covered structure like patio cover may be a fine choice for the backyard space. These structures can save on energy costs if they will be placed in a sunny area. You can incorporate lighting, fans, and heaters, which will make the space more comfortable and enjoyable. If you have a room heated up by the sun, place the covered structure to that area.

Schildr has extensive experience building unique sunroom additions,  beautiful and solid pergolas and patio enclosures for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania homeowners. Professional team will work with you to create a detailed vision of product you choose, guaranteeing your satisfaction when the project is complete.

On the other hand, retractable pergolas, can provide different functionality with various design elements. Built of Aluminum structure, they look beautiful in any space whether its backyard, or balcony, or restaurant terrace and can suit to any design vision for your space. Variety of optional lighting fixtures can be attached to utilize the area at any time of day.

When you are browsing sunroom options, one important factor is to find company a that will offer true customization. In other words, they will customize your sunroom from the ground up so that it specifically meets your requirements. Unlike many other companies, Schildr is direct manufacturer of sun rooms and winter gardens and do not involve third parties to fulfill orders.

Many of completed winter garden projects are presented on a new website, and everybody can get acquainted in detail with the quality of work as well as the reviews of satisfied customers.

A special place among all products is occupied by louvered roof. Whether it’s rain or hot sun, the louvered roof systems can extend your living space to outdoors by allowing you to take control of when and how you enjoy the outdoors. The louvered roof system is a versatile, modern, and motorized adjustable patio cover that combines style and functionality to create or enhance your outdoor living space.

With a wide range of powder coating color options, the louvered roof system improves the usability of outdoor living areas, such as patios, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, spas, and much more while maintaining the existing design pattern with the matching color. The louvered roof systems are versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style, such as existing structures with gable or pitched roofs, or an angled roof or walls. This system can also be designed for a freestanding pergola application.

This product is fully adjustable and can be custom fit for all types of residential and commercial applications. Its Aluminum panels on the roof can be fitted with insulation foam for better temperature control. They can rotate up to 115˚ to control the penetration of sunrays and air circulation. The total watertight structure utilizes built in water displacement solution by incorporating an invisible gutter system to drain water away and keep your pergola area dry.

Benefits of louvered roof systems:

– Fully modular
– Freestanding or wall-mounted
– No visible hardware
– 5-year limited warranty

All the products presented are accompanied by a large number of photos and technical description. For pricing estimate, customers for residential and commercial applications, can use the special form which calculate the cost of desired product on the following link: https://www.schildr-nj.com/en/get-quote

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