New Book by Author Jane M McCabe – A Book Unites Prophecy Like Never Before

March 03 20:39 2021

Jane M McCabe’s Revelation! The Single Story of Divine Prophecy to Abraham and His Descendants – the Jews, Christians & Muslims is a thought-provoking work with bold ambitions. The goal of the book is to unite people of faith and believers in a way that has never been achieved with words before. This noble idea deserves an in-depth look and analysis, so the author sat down to share her views, beliefs, and outlooks going forward.

“My idea was to tell the story of the prophecy in a new way that allows anyone to come at it from a fresh perspective. I want the book to serve as a bridge between three of the world’s major religions in a way that allows people to learn, understand, and heal all at the same time. If I can help just one person achieve any of these three things then I will know that the time has been well spent.”

This is certainly a lofty goal, but why now?

“I’ve always believed that words have the power to show us new ways in the world that aren’t accessible by any other means. Rather than forcing us to react in the moment and show our strength, they allow us to take our time, reflect in solitude, and then emerge with a new perspective on life. This is what I hope to achieve by telling the prophecy as a single story. The goal is to show people the good in the world and the power of faith in a way that’s all about uniting us, rather than dividing us. I truly believe that with the time and space words give us this is entirely possible, and I hope that my work will allow us all to get at least one step closer to our goal.”

And what are her hopes for the 12 months that lie ahead? Where does she want her latest work to take her?

“I want to make the most of this opportunity to share my words and the power of faith with as many people as possible, but I wish to make one thing abundantly clear. While my work allows me to talk to a larger audience, I don’t wish to do so primarily for my own benefit and status. My project is one that is without ego, focused solely on telling the prophecy as a single story that allows each of us to come closer together when the world around is showing us that we need unity now more than ever. It’s something I have always wanted to have the time and energy to do, and I hope that this book takes me closer to that goal.”

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