China’s National Day Jing Xi Jiu Zhou Ancient Town Golden Week Carnival

October 06 19:51 2020

During the “China’s National Day – Golden Week”, guests from all over the world gathered in the ancient town of Jiuzhou in Jingxi, Guangxi, enjoying the unique charm of this millennium old town. In scenic spots, tourists enjoying the scenery which taking photos and filming short play. The scenic area is very popular, ushering the first peak of crowd flow from 1st October.


Photo shows tourist of decorative illuminations in the ancient town of Jiu Zhou in Jing Xi, China’s Guangxi Province.

In 2020, Jingxi Jiuzhou Ancient Town prepared a special activity of “Mid Autumn Festival + China’s National Day” for tourists, which is hosted by Guangxi Jingxi New Development Investment Group and Beijing JUST Fantasy Pictures Culture Media Co., Ltd., and hosted by Guangxi JUST Pictures Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Lizhuo Chuanyang Creative Consulting Co., Ltd,.

Photo of “Love Nest”

In addition to “clock in” the natural scenery; during the China’s National Day, the ancient town of Jiuzhou Jingxi provides the ancient clothing rental service which same as the film and TV series that tourists would immerse themselves in it.

Photo of “Local Food”

In the process of completing the immersion task, they can learn about the story of the Ming Dynasty’s Mrs. Wa’s expedition and experience a Ming Dynasty love journey with Zhuang’s characteristics, At the same time, a large number of internet celebrity appeared in the ancient town of Jiuzhou Jingxi, and the Webstar led the tour to present a wonderful plot. Ms. Ding, a tourist from Guangdong Province, said: “the scenery of the ancient town of Jiuzhou is indeed very beautiful, because it is the first time I visit, it is quite shocking to see it that contain ancient natural. It’s very good to see the combination of our Chinese culture and natural beauty.”

Photo of “Bonfire Song and Dance Performance of Zhuang Folk Customs

Jiuzhou Ancient Town JUST Fantasy Carnival is prepared with “tourism feast + immersion experience”, which will benefit tourists. In order to enrich the cultural life of tourists, Jingxi Jiuzhou ancient town scenic spot adheres to the principle of “cultural connotation and tourists’ participation”, and carefully plans a series of National Day activities to benefit tourists. In the core scenic area of the ancient town of Jiuzhou, the ancient streets and alleys are bustling with tourists, During the period of the China’s National Day, Jingxi Jiuzhou ancient town scenic spot held small outdoor art performances such as “Commander Appointment Stage- the soldiers of WA family”, “Folk Song Performance”, “Bonfire Song and Dance Performance of Zhuang Folk Customs”, “Na” Cultural Exhibition Area, “Qushui Liujiu” Poetry Banquet, “Praying · River Lantern”, “Guessing Lantern Riddle”, “Boat Performance”.”

Photo of “Bonfire Song and Dance Performance of Zhuang Folk Customs

It also have series of daily activities, such as “Strips of Silk Ball Throwing Competition”, “DIY Mooncake”, “Tou Hou”, ”Wa Family Archery”, ”Kemari”, “Chui-wan”, ”Love with Strips Silk Ball”, ”Love Nest”, ”Moon & Jade Rabbit”, ”Rolling Ferris Wheel”, ”Sky Mirror”, allows tourists enjoy a wonderful “National Day Feast” in Jingxi Jiuzhou Ancient Town scenic spot.

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