Color Star Technology Gets Into Rhythm of Dropping Big News For October

October 06 19:39 2020

Coinciding with celebrations of China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day (commemorating the establishment of The People’s Republic of China), Color Star Technology officially announced that its NASDAQ stock symbol will now be CSCW. Along with this big news, Color Star began laying out the various sections of its signature cultural and educational platform, “Color World.” The announcements signal successful steps to open live broadcast functions and creative peripheral products in mid/late October:

Color Star is an entertainment technology company that provides comprehensive services such as cultural knowledge-sharing and pathways to celebrity performances & showcases. After its initial listing on NASDAQ, the company ushered in development within the space, primarily the aforementioned platform: Color World. The product has attracted attention around the world because of its innovative thinking and marketing model.

In early September, its subsidiary Color China officially held an online concert, which brought together 11 top stars from all over the world and produced a wonderful and unforgettable performance. With the perfect success of the concert, Color China took advantage of the opportunity to launch the Chinese version of the self-developed online entertainment, culture, and education APP “Color World”. At present, the online registration number has exceeded 500,000, and the overseas version is expected to be launched at the end of the year, which proves the great success of the parent company Color Planet in business layout and marketing.

“Fearless” Color World Online Concert

In particular, this entertainment culture sharing platform-“Color World” launched by its subsidiary has attracted the attention of the outside world with its unique and innovative ideas and marketing model. The platform mainly covers star lectures, large-scale performances, social platforms, cultural and creative surroundings, and copyright sales-related fields. Only the star teaching section has covered the top star artists in mainland China, three places across the Taiwan Straits, Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea; such as Bobby Roth, director of Prison Break, Larry Carlton, soul guitarist of Grammy winner, and so on, who are all star tutors of “Color World”. This undoubtedly attracts more fans and netizens to become members through the influence of stars, thus virtually forwarding potential consumers and accumulating customers for other business sectors, with influence covering the whole world.


Larry Carlton

At the same time, “Color World” will launch two core business segments, namely, online live broadcast and star cultural creation, on the 15th and 25th of this month respectively. As we all know, with the rapid development of the network, webcasting has become a normal way of cultural communication, and both webcasting courses and sharing goods are the best ways. Based on this, “Color World” takes advantage of the trend, combines its own advantages, and utilizes the influence of star tutors to share high-quality cultural courses live online on a regular basis, bringing more interactive experiences to members. The live broadcast function will also provide excellent members with a healthy and high-quality interactive communication space, which allows them to display through live broadcast and virtually provides them with all-round development opportunities.

Rich and diverse cultural sharing, such as film and television singing and dancing, folk instrumental music, sports animation, and cultural and creative surroundings, will all be presented in the live broadcast. It is the biggest highlight of the “Color World” live broadcast section to enhance the stickiness between stars and platform members and highlight the exclusive interactive experience of the platform.

The official reveal grants insight to two fundamentals of the platform’s core business and how the current environment of rapid internet development and webcasting is creating a springboard for the launch. Like never before, web streaming has become a norm for communication. In some cases, such as within education and business, it is now the de-facto standard. Taking advantage of this trend, Color World will regularly stream high-quality cultural courses via proprietary technology to provide members with distinctive interactivity. Additionally, Color World combines the unique advantage of celebrity tutors, experts, and influencers. The two pillars of content and means build a strong foundation upon a bedrock of fortuitous timing.

China, the Taiwan Straits, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. Such reach into the vast customs and commodities of diverse regions will allow users to enjoy new, convenient access to market places without ever leaving home.

Color World strives to create a perfect integration of global culture and personal lifestyle to grant everyone a diverse entertainment and experience resource. The new Nasdaq code (CSCW) represents “Color Star Color World,” underscoring the company’s future: bringing a comprehensive and professional knowledge-sharing platform directly to its community. It signifies Color Star Technology’s commitment to being a powerful cultural technology service company. This also plays a role in adding fuel to the flames in the US stock market. With these big moves, Color Planet Technology has shown its super strength and efficient working rhythm to the outside world, which makes many investors more confident. Under the practical industrial layout, how to innovate marketing thinking and integrate various contents to form a mature industrial ring, and under the development trend of maintaining steady growth, through continuous improvement and innovation to win more market opportunities, investors are the most direct profit-seekers. Grasping the existing superior resources, expanding the new development of the industry, winning the project, making the content the king, and doing a good job is the biggest embodiment of an enterprise’s development potential. Instead of drawing cakes for investors, it speaks with one after another. With the economic recovery, the education e-commerce Internet is rising instead of falling. Color Planet just seizes the opportunity to ride the wind and waves and bring the most valuable and promising industry prospect.

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