The Land Rover Reimagined As a Timepiece

October 06 19:24 2020
The Land Rover reborn as Timepiece…


We are proud to introduce our first-ever Swiss Made timepiece collection with a dial handcrafted from two iconic Land Rovers.

The RNR Collection is our first from-the-ground-up-new design in two years – available in two distinct models:

The RNR-Beachrunner: Swiss Made and handcrafted from parts of a 1981 Land Rover Series III. Limited to 552 pieces.

The RNR-Rockfighter: Swiss Made and handcrafted from parts of a 2003 Land Rover Defender. Limited to 463 pieces.

Captivating the soul and design of the most iconic off-roader ever built

Every aspect of the RNR Rockfighter and the RNR Beachrunner design reflects the function and aesthetic of the classic Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Series III. The particular colours and characteristics of both cars have been implemented into the design of the timepieces.

Crafting a Swiss made masterpiece from a majestic British icon

Captivating the design DNA of the Land Rover has been many years under development and the first, early design sketch of what would later become the RNR Collection saw the day of light in the Autumn of 2018. Capturing the iconic design trademarks of the Land Rover while designing a timepiece that can completely stand on its own was no easy task. The imposing and majestic form factor of the Land Rover has been boiled down to a 40mm timepiece that pays homage to the British icon.

“With the RNR collection it was all about straight, square lines softened by the round elements found on the Land Rover – the shape of the wheel being one. We wanted to create a timepiece that could stand on its own – as well as designing a timepiece that spoke directly to the hearts of Land Rover fans all over the world.”


Designer of REC Watches, Thomas Funder

As always, no formula or predefined approach defines the process. We are constantly adding and constantly cutting away, working relentlessly to distill the essence until only the best parts remain encapsulated in pure passion.

The ultimate partner of adventure

The classic off-road capable Land Rover isn’t the fastest or most comfortable ride. Nor is it the most quiet. You feel every pothole on the road, every rock crushed under its solid weight, while taking in the roar of an engine working in a way, modern cars will never understand.

The Land Rover doesn’t take you for a ride: It takes you on an immersive journey. The Land Rover is the ultimate symbol of freedom. It takes you wherever you want to go – a truly unique 4×4 that creates an unbreakable bond between man and machine.

This 4-wheeled adventurer is a tool and your best companion. And every time you get behind the wheel it takes you on an adventure – an adventure where Roads are Not Required.


How do you put the soul of a car into a watch. Where do you find it? In the material, the shape, or is it in the roads it’s travelled? It is our love for the extraordinary machine that drives our philosophy. A three-step process we’ve named: RECover, RECycle, REClaim. Or REC for short.

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