DigiNowa Has Launched A New Social Media Marketing Tool TOZO That Allows Brands To Manage All Social Media From One Dashboard

November 17 21:57 2022

The tool helps entrepreneurs save a lot of time and is at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Businesses are turning towards social media platforms in this digital age to raise brand awareness about their products and services. However, managing all of them decentralised is almost impossible, which is why products in the social media tools industry have been so popular. But in this economy, most are costly, and many small businesses need help to afford them. This is why DigiNowa has launched a new social media marketing tool that is more affordable and allows brands to manage all social media from one dashboard at a fraction of the cost.

DigiNowa has a track record of launching successful products and has previously established SocialNowa.io to revolutionize the chatbot marketing space. After its huge success and seeing the demand and lack of innovation in social media marketing tools, it decided to come up with another tool called TOZO.

TOZO will help businesses manage their social media marketing campaigns from one dashboard, saving them time and energy in other creative endeavors. Entrepreneurs can schedule and automate posting to as many as 11 social media platforms.

“We believe this is an important step forward for our industry,” said DigiNowa CEO Kabir Bhupeshraj in a statement announcing the product launch. “It allows businesses of any size to have one centralized location for managing their social media campaigns without spending too much. Digital marketing is at the heart of how DigiNowa wants to help brands grow, especially those with little cash, and we help them manage and engage with customers across all platforms.”

The tool also includes several analytic reports that provide a range of insights into how well each post performs on social media. In addition to measuring performance across all channels, this tool will also help clients track their competitors and assess the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. They can see which posts resonate and what people say about them online.

TOZO integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS Feed, GMB, Telegram, Vk, and YouTube. The data is also safe with them as they never sell it to any third party.

Businesses interested can visit them at https://tozo.social/ or contact them using the information mentioned below. The company also offers a free trial.

About the company

TOZO is a new tool new social media marketing tool from DigiNowa that allows brands to manage all social media from one dashboard. Their prices start at just $19.

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