Active Denture Gum is the World’s First Orthodontic Chewing Gum

October 06 16:10 2022
Active Denture Gum is the World's First Orthodontic Chewing Gum

Active by OrthoGum is the only therapeutic, denture chewing gum that promotes your oral health while wearing your dentures. It has been proven to not only kill bacteria and clean your dentures as you chew, but will help maintain bone density and decrease your risk of tooth decay.

Can you chew gum with dentures? YES! Active gum is specifically designed as sugar-free and to not stick to dentures and partial dentures.

  • It Freshens Breath
  • Cleans Dentures
  • Helps Maintain Bone Density
  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Reduces Dry Mouth Symptoms
  • Naturally Kills Bacteria
  • Sugar-Free

Active is the #1 recommended chewing gum for dentures by dentists. It is clinically proven to clean dentures and freshen breath.

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